Spiked cradle syndrome

Spiked cradle syndrome

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When it is time to sleep we find a very common situation in some babies: the child curls up in the arms of his mother and little by little he falls asleep peacefully.

After a while, the mother tries to put the baby in his crib with great care so as not to wake him up, but suddenly he wakes up screaming, crying and demanding attention. What happens is a natural reaction called: the “spiked cradle syndrome”. We tell you why it happens and what we can do.

The baby after spending 9 months in the mother's womb, feeling the heartbeat, being gently rocked by the constant rocking, and accustomed to the mother's smell that make him feel protected and safe; suddenly, it is born and experiences very important changes. Many babies need to continue to feel this protection, and while many parents hope their babies will settle for their quiet and still crib, the little ones will not accept it.

Many parents wonder if the baby has a radar or something similar that alerts them when they are being placed on the mattress of their crib and what makes them wake up immediately like a spring. Well yes, they do. There are two phases when sleeping:

- REM phase: It is a short and deep sleep phase.

- Non-REM phase: Babies spend almost all of their hours asleep in this phase. It has a survival function, since it is a superficial sleep phase that allows the baby to react to any unpleasant or potentially dangerous changes.

If your baby has spiked crib syndrome and every time we try to leave him in his crib he cries and screams, it helps a lot not to despair and empathize with them. Once we are calm and internalize that the child is healthy and his behavior is the result of a survival mechanism, we can find some alternatives to help us:

- Choose a doll that you like. There are babies who are attached to a stuffed animal, a cloth, a blanket or a doll that they carry everywhere.

- Co-sleeping. Sleeping with the baby in the same bed or in a crib attached to it will make the child feel safe. But be careful, you have to do it correctly.

- The atmosphere of the room. It is recommended that the room is ventilated before putting the child there. Also, it is important that the temperature is neither too high nor too low. Twenty degrees is the most convenient. We must emphasize a pleasant decoration for the little one and the color of the room, with pastel tones being recommended.

- Ambient sound. Many babies fall asleep to the sound of a vacuum cleaner, a dryer, etc. This isolates children from other types of noises that can wake them up.

- Use relaxing music. Using slow songs, classical music or lullabies are a good option for the baby to relax and get to sleep.

- Use muslin. Wrapping your child in muslin before putting him in his crib can help. The effect of wrapping it in a soft and comfortable fabric transmits security and comfort.

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