Sleeping in the parents' bed?

Sleeping in the parents' bed?

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Teaching the child to sleep alone, theoretically, is the same as teaching him to eat, to shower, to change by himself.

Sleep is also a habit, very necessary, that enters the child's life and that, like everything else, it must be well oriented from the beginning. A child who does not sleep well, that is, who does not sleep in his bed, gives the same job as another who does not want to sit at the table or who makes a fuss to go to the shower. Many parents, for various reasons that are not always justifiable, usually take their baby to bed.

Some infant sleep experts believe that the baby must be put in his crib from the beginning, to avoid getting used to sleeping with parents. In certain very specific circumstances, when the baby is sick and the parents feel calmer because of being closer to him or because in the middle of the night the baby wakes up scared, the child can be allowed to sleep in the parents' bed, but be very careful so that this does not become a habit since everything will depend on the age of the child and the risks that sleeping with the parents may represent.

We refer to the risks of sudden death, drowning or even suffering a fall. In addition, children can get used to it and when parents want to change the situation it will cost them much more.

So that the child does not get used to sleeping in his parents' bed, it is necessary take him back to his bed as many times as necessary, without talking or arguing. Children do best when they identify a role model they can trust. Teaching them to always sleep at the same time, in their bed, with or without a teddy bear or blanket, helps them understand what is expected of them. Routine is the best in these cases. You will avoid situations of anxiety and unnecessary negotiations. A good bedtime routine can last 15 to 30 minutes.

Between the shower, pampering, cleaning teeth, stories or songs, prayers, and whatever happens to them, the child will surely fall asleep more peacefully. Try to maintain the routine at the same times every day. Thus they will be educating the dream of the son.

Its convenient that baby or toddler always falls asleep in the same place. Changing places, beds, etc., can make it difficult to develop your sleeping pattern. In the case of separated parents, as the same place cannot be shared, it is recommended that they strive to maintain the same routine in terms of schedules and customs. Cushions, blankets, and similar objects of esteem, and used at the same time. It is necessary to follow the same structure and routine at bedtime.

For children it is wonderful to sleep with their parents. But if that habit becomes a routine, there may be not very pleasant consequences. Sleeping in the parents' bed is generally contraindicated. It is necessary to teach children notions of privacy from an early age.

When you are still a baby you can make some concessions, but after 3 years of age, sleeping with the parents can prevent the child from developing their individuality or self-confidence. He can become a dependent and insecure child.

Many children suffer at night, with fears of the dark, imaginable 'monsters', etc. The child must learn to overcome his fears, with the help of his parents. And this help consists of making the child face and not run away from the situation. You have to have a lot of patience, but also a lot of firmness and persistence. Everything is a matter of time. When the child is afraid, it is preferable that you stay in his bed for a while to calm him than take him to the parents' bed.

Sleeping in their room, for them, is being 'away' from mom and dad. It is to separate from them. Bedtime is understood by them as the time to separate from their parents, their siblings, their toys, and everything they might be doing. This is the reason why most children go to bed always protesting. For this reason, like any other need, sleeping alone is also learned.

Ideally, between three and six months of age the child is already sleeping alone or with his siblings. For children that means taking a step towards autonomy; for parents it is to regain intimacy. After this first stage, others may appear. For example: when the child already gets out of the crib and walks. This other stage usually appears between 12 and 18 months of age. Then, the well-known separation anxiety will gradually decrease at three years of age. And at four years old they will begin to accept the partial separation from their parents because at this age they already go to school, and they go to play at the house with friends.

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