How to whet the appetite of children

How to whet the appetite of children

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Our children sometimes have stages in which they do not want to eat in the same way that they have been doing or that they hate certain foods that they used to like. This change in your child's appetite may be justified by some eventual discomfort: tooth eruption or illness, but we don't always find an explanation and start to worry ...

My friend's girl did not want to drink milk, so her mother was concerned because for her correct development they had advised her to drink at least half a liter a day to have a correct calcium intake.

But, he did not consider the dairy derivatives that his daughter did eat, such as yogurts or cheese. The aversion or filling of certain foods is quite common in children, but we can always replace them with others whose nutritional contribution is similar. It is recommended that we learn something about the most common foods that can be part of your diet so that we can abandon some in favor of others.

To whet our children's appetites and get them to eat, we can use some tips:

- Change foods that are more palatable to the child, within not allowing whims that do not suit them nutritionally. It is not advisable to offer them, by system, alternatives to the food that we put on the table. If you're not hungry, don't eat.

- Create a pleasant and appropriate environment, although without letting the child entertain himself with the TV, lose his rhythm or do not locate the act of eating with the place to eat.

- Make him enjoy food and company. Sit him at the table with us so that he takes control of our habits and can enjoy a family moment.

- Respect the natural schedule of your meals. Feed him when he is hungry, avoiding pecking that satisfies him before sitting down at the table.

- Try not to offer a plate that is overflowing with food. It is preferable that we offer you less quantity and give you the option to repeat. The amount that may seem reasonable to us may be too much for them.

- Limit the amount of water or bread with meals.

- Invite them to eat what they like least first.

- Make him share in some culinary responsibility: help set or clear the table, prepare some food or even serve food.

- There are foods that will cost more to take them, such as vegetables or fish, so we can disguise them in batters or give them in purees.

- Praise their behaviors.

Satisfying hunger, developing healthy behaviors and knowing the tastes of our children are essential to satisfy the daily need to feed ourselves. We should not live with tension the occasional fact that our child does not want to eat or temporarily abhors a food. We must look with perspective that our child develops correctly and is acquiring correct habits to satisfy his particular needs.

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