What are mollusks on the skin of children. Symptoms and Treatment

What are mollusks on the skin of children. Symptoms and Treatment

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There are many types of pimples or rashes on children's skin. And many times they are symptoms of some type of disease, in most cases, viral. A few simple pimples can be indicative of chickenpox, measles or be caused by a simple sweat, (those pimples that come out due to heat, especially in newborns).

There is another type of granite known as mollusks. This skin condition, very common among children, is viral in nature and is spread by contact. We explain how mollusks are on children's skin. Learn to recognize its symptoms and to apply the correct treatment.

Mollusks are small pimples or skin lesions that appear on the skin in some specific areas. They are caused by a virus (called poxvirus), and occur mostly in school-age children, which is when they have the most immature immune system. It affects more children with a predisposition to atopic dermatitis. As they are? You will recognize these types of pimples by their appearance:

- Reddish papules (small pimples) appear in the folds of the skin.

- They are brilliant.

- They are umbilicated (they have a little hole inside).

- They appear mainly in the hollows of the arms and behind the knees.

- If the child also has atopic dermatitis, the pimples will itch more and eczema will appear.

Mollusks do not appear in isolation. Several usually appear grouped in a specific area. They expand by scratching. That is, if your child has mollusks in different parts of the body, it is most likely that he has rubbed or scratched the first area of ​​pimples and has spread it to another of the body areas. That is why it is so common to see, for example, mollusks on the chin and on the forehead, on the knee and on the hand ... To avoid this expansion as much as possible, it is best to keep children's nails as short as possible so that you cannot scratch the affected area and spread the pimples to another part of the body.

Mollusks, although annoying, are not serious. In fact, it affects only the dermis layer, not the mucosa. There are several ways to treat it, although a dermatologist will always decide:

- A supplement that strengthens the immune system.

- Topical treatment creams with chemical components that promote mollusk burn.

- Surgical procedure By curettage: using an instrument called a curette (it is like a small, very sharp spoon), the dermatologist removes the mollusk granites using a cream with local anesthesia beforehand. However, this system can leave some scar on the skin.

- Cryotherapy. Mollusks are burned by cold, thanks to liquid nitrogen. This treatment may need a review the week after the first session.

- Photodynamic therapy. Acetone is first applied to each lesion and after about 24 hours, a light source is applied for a few minutes.

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