We are all different. Stories for children

We are all different. Stories for children

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Children's stories not only amuse children but are also a very valuable resource to educate them. This tale of 'We are all different'makes children learn to respect others, regardless of their skin color, their features, what their hair is like, if they are Chinese, Arabic or indigenous, if they speak another language. After all, we are all different in our physical form and in the way we live and understand things around us. Differences enrich us and make us learn more. I hope you like this beautiful story:

A story tells that several animals decided to open a school in the forest. They met and began to choose the disciplines that would be taught during the course. The bird insisted that the school have a flight course.

The fish, that swimming was also included in the curriculum. The squirrel believed that the teaching of climbing perpendicular in trees was essential. The rabbit wanted, in any case, that the race was also included in the school's discipline program.

And so the other animals continued, not knowing that they were making a big mistake. All suggestions were considered and approved. It was mandatory for all animals to practice all disciplines.

The next day, they began to implement the syllabus. At first, the rabbit ran out magnificently; no one ran as fast as he.

However, the difficulties and problems began when the rabbit began to learn to fly. They put him on a tree branch, and ordered him to jump and fly.

The rabbit jumped from above, and the blow was so great that it broke both legs. He did not learn to fly and, furthermore, he could not continue running as before.

The bird, who flew and flew like no one else, was forced to dig holes like a mole, but of course, he couldn't.

Due to the immense effort he had to make, he ended up breaking his beak and his wings, leaving many days without being able to fly. All for trying to do the same as a mole.

The same situation was experienced by a fish, a squirrel and a dog that could not fly, all of them were injured. In the end, the school had to close its doors.

And do you know why? Because animals came to the conclusion that we are all different. Each one has its strengths and also its weaknesses.

A cat will never bark like a dog, or swim like a fish. We cannot force others to be, think, and do some things like us. What we are going to achieve with that is that they suffer for not being able to do something in the same way as us, and for not doing what they really like.

We must respect the opinions of others, as well as their abilities and limitations. If someone is different from us, it does not mean that he is better or worse than us. He is just someone different whom we must respect.


This story was sent to us by Pablo Zevallos - Brazil

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