A shocking video shows how shaking the baby causes irreparable damage

A shocking video shows how shaking the baby causes irreparable damage

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We may think that a simple shaking cannot cause a baby so much harm. Also, it's pretty normal, right? In a nervous breakdown, despair ... (or so many think). The problem is that this shaking, even one, is often too abrupt for the newborn and that this jolt, moreover, can be repeated.

But just like that, said in words, it may not have that much effect, a company in charge of simulating real situations, has been in charge of removing the blindfold and letting us see, with horror, what happens when someone shakes a baby. Don't miss out on this shocking video that shows how shaking your baby causes irreparable damage.

The company Realityworks, determined to demonstrate and make us see what we cannot see with the naked eye, she decided to check what actually happens when a newborn is shaken hard. To do this, they created a shaken baby syndrome simulator. The doll incorporates contusion detectors strategically located in different areas of the head. In this way, each sensor is turned on when it notices a blow of the brain against the skull.

The video simulates a baby shaking and it is observed how the lights of each sensor turn on immediately, intermittently and forcefully. Each of these lights indicates the blow and trauma that the child's brain receives with each of the sudden movements.

Since the baby's neck muscles are not yet strong enough to support the head, the head jerks from side to side. Its head is large and the brain hits the skull.

This simulation serves once again to alert everyone to the fragility of the newborn's head and neck. Faced with a stressful situation for parents, they must be aware that shaking their baby is the worst thing they can do. They may release your nervousness, but they can cause irreparable harm to your child.

Actually, shaken baby syndrome it is definitely a form of abuse to the baby. The aftermath can be dire, and can even kill you. Also, it does not occur only in newborns. Cases have been detected in children up to 5 years of age. These are the consequences that a shaking of this type can leave in a child:

- Brain injuries: Yes, the striking of the brain against the skull can cause bleeding that affects the vital functions of the brain. Some can cause irreversible damage. Brain damage can be very varied: it can cause from mental retardation to future epilepsy attacks.

- Eye injuries: From eye hemorrhages to retinal detachment. Strong shaking of the baby can cause blindness.

- Rib fractures: A strong shake can cause the baby to fracture the bones and fracture one of the ribs, having held the child with great force

- Spinal cord damage: That is, motor paralysis can occur in the child.

- Hearing loss: damage caused by shaking can affect not only the eyes, but also the ears.

- Death.

But how can you detect Shaken Baby Syndrome early? Imagine that in a moment of despair you shook your baby ... and now you fear that you have caused him some harm. Obviously, before any small suspicion, you must go to the emergency room immediately, although there are signs that can make you suspect that something is not right. For example:

- Baby seizures

- vomiting

- Extreme irritability

- Skin that is too pale or bluish

- Loss of appetite and lethargy

- Tremors

- Unconsciousness

- Respiratory problems

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