The beautiful ox. Christmas tale based on a legend from Bhutan

The beautiful ox. Christmas tale based on a legend from Bhutan

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At Christmas, do not miss the opportunity to read stories to your children. This is a great time to discuss values ​​with them. And what better than stories to explain its meaning.

In this case, this tale, 'The beautiful ox', is a story based on a legend from Bhutan. The moral or message of the story tells us about the values ​​that keep friendship strong: respect and humility.

Near Bethlehem lived a very hardworking ox, named ‘Beautiful’. His master was very proud of him. He combed his hair, looked after him, gave him good food. All the neighbors knew Hermoso, and his master did not hesitate to show him off. And since the master was so good to Hermoso, the ox tried to be as good as he could to his master: he plowed, pulled the cart, carried weight ...

One day, Hermoso found out that his master had many deductions with another farmer. A Hermoso came up with something: he told his master to bet with the other farmer that the ox was capable of pulling 100 loaded wagons. In return, he owed her all debts. Beautiful promised him that he would pass the test, and that he would do so because of all the affection he felt for him. His master thought it was a good idea.

The appointed day arrived, and the farmers hitched the hundred loaded wagons to Hermoso. But as soon as he started pulling them, his master began to whip him with the whip while saying:

- 'Come on, lazy man, pull the carts harder!'

The ox, hurt and humiliated, sat on the ground and did not move a muscle. The farmer thus lost the bet. Once they reached the farm, he asked him why he had done that, why he had not kept his word. The ox replied that because he had behaved badly with him. The farmer asked for forgiveness. He was so sorry that the buy told him to try again. On this occasion, his master did not mistreat him, but encouraged him with beautiful phrases. This is how the ox kept his promise and the farmer paid off his debts.

Years later, the farmer, tired of working the land, he moved with the ox to Bethlehem. He set about running a shelter. And for the ox, he had a stable built. One night in December, the 24th, he received a very special visitor.

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