The miracle baby who was born with a knot in the umbilical cord

The miracle baby who was born with a knot in the umbilical cord

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The umbilical cord, that perfect union between mother and baby, is sometimes the protagonist of the odd scare, during pregnancy and also during childbirth. Many babies end up entangled in it. On other occasions, a small fissure may occur due to the deterioration of the umbilical cord. But one of the most dangerous and unusual situations for the baby is the knot. How can a baby tangle the umbilical cord in such a way that it ends up making a knot?

We tell you the surprising case of a newborn that the doctors had to photograph as soon as he was born. They couldn't believe their eyes: her umbilical cord was in a tight, tight knot. But the most surprising thing is that the newborn was in perfect health. Pay attention to the story of the miracle baby who was born with a knot in his umbilical cord.

'Hurry up, dad, take a picture! You just had a miracle baby! ' These were the first words of the doctor who attended the delivery of the little one, after seeing him born. The newborn's father, absorbed, took these snapshots, not quite sure what was happening. Then he checked with terror what was happening: her son had been born with a knot in the umbilical cord. By uploading this photograph to social networks, he began to receive really tragic stories of cases of babies who had been born stillborn because of something similar.

The doctors certified the unusualness of this case. The most normal thing, when an umbilical cord becomes entangled in this way, is that fetal death occurs or that it causes serious problems in the baby due to lack of oxygen. In this case, however, the little one was born completely healthy and without sequelae.

Sometimes the umbilical cord becomes entangled. It occurs especially in those pregnancies in which baby moves more, does cartwheels and plays with her umbilical cord. If it is also long, it will have a greater chance of getting tangled. In many cases the baby is born with a loop of the cord. In this case, the doctor attending the delivery may choose to cut it inside the uterus and before the baby is born.

Another complication (very rare) with the umbilical cord is the knot. And in this case, it can be more serious, since a knot in the umbilical cord causes that the baby does not finish receiving the necessary nutrients and oxygen. In the case in which the knot is detected by ultrasound, labor will be induced immediately or a cesarean section will be chosen. However, it is something that is not usually detected before delivery. The knot, if it is loose, will allow the baby to receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs, but if it is too tight, it can seriously endanger its life.

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