Pregnant at Christmas. Tips for enjoying the holidays

Pregnant at Christmas. Tips for enjoying the holidays

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The Christmas holidays they can disrupt the daily life of the pregnant woman. Large meals, shopping trips, evening dinners and parties, dances, and trips to see family can affect your health. For this reason, it is convenient to take a series of prevention measures so that the Christmas holidays and family celebrations are compatible with pregnancy.

The daily rhythm of life changes at Christmas, also for the future moms waiting for their baby. From exhausting shopping to family and social gatherings, which are sometimes complicated by traveling to other places to meet loved ones, the pace can be too hectic for the pregnant woman.

We leave you some tips for enjoy the holidays if you are pregnant.

1. Let yourself be loved. Take advantage of the meetings with family and friends to show off your pregnancy. You will like to feel the center of attention.

2. Think of your baby. Adapting your lifestyle to the needs of your pregnancy will make you rest more and take things more relaxed. Next Christmas you will have your baby in your arms.

3. Buy party clothes. Take advantage of Christmas to buy yourself beautiful and elegant maternity clothes with which to show off your pregnancy. You will feel beautiful and special. Think, above all, about comfort and highlight your look pregnant with party accessories.

4. Treat yourself. A massage, a spa session or, a yoga or Pilates class, can help to reconcile this attitude of well-being, serenity and joy that so favors the spirit during the Christmas parties.

1. Tobacco smoke. Avoid smoke-laden environments. If you are pregnant, avoid being a passive smoker, because tobacco smoke can also be harmful to your baby.

2. Alcohol. Choose water over wine for lunch and dinner. If you have to toast the family, Christmas and the New YearJust wet your lips Any amount of alcohol that you ingest, no matter how minimal, can cross the placental barrier and reach your baby.

3. Meals. If you are healthy, you can eat whatever you want in a balanced way. Moderation with the amount of food you eat should be your maximum during the holidays. You can try everything, but in small quantities or servings. So your digestions They will be lighter and lighter, and you will avoid suffering from indigestion or indigestion.

4. Sweets. They have a high caloric index and an abuse of Christmas sweets (nougat, marzipan, polvorones ...) can make you gain more weight than necessary. If you're diabetic or you have been diagnosed with diabetes in pregnancy, you must strictly follow your doctor's instructions on sugar consumption.

5. Social meetings. Being present at parties and family or friends gatherings is a gift for the pregnant woman at Christmas. Enjoy the music, but avoid upbeat dancing. Do not stand too long, talk and talk with others sitting down so as not to get too tired during the evening.

6. Dream. Try to go home early to respect your sleep hours. The night rest it is very important during pregnancy to regain strength and energy.

7. Shopping. Organize your list of purchases to avoid doing them all at once. Anticipate your purchases to go to the stores on days and times where there is predictably less influx of public. Avoid reaching exhaustion, when you feel tired, go home.

8. Travel. During pregnancy and, depending on the trimester of gestation, the pregnant woman must take a series of precautions regarding travel and the type of vehicle (plane, train, car). Always choose short trips and take into account precautionary measures when traveling during pregnancy. Remember stretch the legs and walking every so often to improve circulation in the legs and the fluid retention that tends to accumulate in the ankles.

9. Listen to your body. At the slightest sign of discomfort or fatigue, withdraw and relax. If you suffer from any of the discomforts of pregnancy, always follow the advice of your gynecologist.

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