The best trips with children at Christmas

The best trips with children at Christmas

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With the arrival of such special dates as Christmas, we want to spend more time with the family, and since the children are on vacation, nothing better than to make an unforgettable trip.

Below you can see a sample of the most idyllic places to travel with children at Christmas. In most of the countries that we propose it is cold season so you cannot forget put warm clothes in the suitcase, but what can never be lacking is illusion. Here you have a selection of the best trips with children at Christmas.

1. Lapland. Santa Claus visits all the children of the world for Christmas, but who visits him? Surely your children will be delighted at the proposal to travel to Lapland to see the town, the house, the reindeer and even Santa Claus himself. A trip to an exotic destination that will not only excite the little ones, because we all have a child inside.

2. Iceland. The streets of our towns and cities are filled with light to welcome Christmas, but there is no more special light than the one with the northern lightsThat is why better than traveling to Iceland to see one of the greatest spectacles of nature in the company of our loved ones.

3. Petra. Without a doubt Petra is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places on the planet. The Three Wise Men passed there on their way to Bethlehem, a magical place that is on the incense route and where we can experience Christmas in a special way, and who knows, maybe we will even meet Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, the illusion and hope are a very important part of Christmas.

4. Paris. The city of light is illuminated more than ever when Christmas comes, the charm of its streets multiplies at this time, but this is something that perhaps only adults can appreciate, so we will have to pack our backpack and head to Disneyland Paris, because anything is done for a child and there is time for everything, especially for them to enjoy the theme park, a park that comes to life even more at Christmas, with shows that will leave children and their mouths open. parents.

5. To the snow. Another of the most popular plans on these dates is holidays in the snow. The stations begin to open their doors and the amount of activities for children is endless. If you like to go downhill, it will be a wonderful vacation, but if you still do not know what a snowboard or skis is, you can always do a route with snowshoes, throw balls, or make a snowman. more fun?

6. To the beach. And since there are those who do not like the cold, or Christmas carols, or traditions, you can always opt for a beach vacation, either in the Canary Islands or in the Caribbean. Sun and beach are a binomial that neither parents nor children can resist, and who can say no to spending Christmas in shorts.

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