The letter to Santa Claus

The letter to Santa Claus

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The Christmas letter is one of the Christmas traditions that children like the most. In it they put all the toys, gifts and wishes that they have and that they want to come true.

For parents, the letter to Santa Claus is also a valuable tool when doing Christmas shopping and finding the right children's Christmas gifts. We have prepared a very special letter for Santa Claus for you to print and your children can fill with the toys and gifts they want for this Christmas. We wanted bring creativity to the traditional menu to Santa Claus. You just have to click on the image and TO PRINTthis letter to Santa Claus and it will be ready to fill out with your children, nephews or grandchildren.

You can create together with the children a custom envelope for this Christmas letter. Paint an original stamp, put a Christmas ornament on it or simply fill it with colors.

The most modern parents can fill it out online and send it by email to Santa Claus so that he receives it sooner. It is about feeding the illusion of children tolive a Christmas with the family full of surprises.

With the letter to Santa Claus already written and sent, we can only wait for theChristmas night. Prepare the table with your children for Santa Claus to rest, have a glass of milk and some Christmas candy, he will appreciate it after such a long trip.

If parents bring originality and enthusiasm, children will wake up on Christmas Day eager to see what presents Santa Claus has left them on the Christmas tree.

In the letter to Santa Claus, the children must first tell how they have behaved over the last year. Then they must develop a list with toys and gifts they want to receive at Christmas.

Parents have to moderate this list and help them select the toys that they really want to order this Christmas, limit their requests to two or three. It's a way of control consumerism in children at this time of year.

It is important to moderate and explain to the children the advertising messages that they will receive from the media in the Christmas toy drive. This work will allow the children start to differentiate the fundamentals of the superficial and the reality of what advertising sells.

Once the letter is written, it must be put in an envelope with a very special sender, Santa claus. All that remains is to accompany the children to send it by mail or place it on the Christmas tree so that Santa's elves take it to the Arctic Circle. also invites you to PRINT THE LETTER TO THE WISE KINGS

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