A very special bull. Children's story with homophone words

A very special bull. Children's story with homophone words

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Homophone words are those that sound the same, but are spelled differently and even have different meanings. It is one of the learning that children will do during their school years.

So that children can understand and learn them, in We suggest you read this with your children children's story about homophone words, A very special bull. A children's story to learn while playing.

A bull grew up with a pole in the center of the head and, for this reason, its owners were very worried.

There would be to call the vet to come Let's see the pole of the bull, - they said, while the animal opened a lot the eyes listening nervous.

- We should to have already called the vet, - they kept talking to each other while they fed him.

The next day, Pablo, who was the name of the village veterinarian, approached until the farm and went Let's see strangely the pole of the bull.

When Paul imprisoned the animal's head to go Let's see closely his pole, the bull stirred nervously pushing the man who, losing his balance, He had to hold on to a tube of metal that protruded from the wall so as not to fall to the ground.

- This little bull does not have any disease, he is strong as an oak, - said the vet stroking his back, he is simply different from the others. He is a very special bull.

From that day on the bull proudly boasted of his pole when it was coming outuntil the field for a walk. The farmers were very calm and the bull was very happy.

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