Getting pregnant with healthier sperm

Getting pregnant with healthier sperm

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Of the more than 800,000 cases of couples with difficulties in having children in Spain, about 50 percent are caused by male infertility, a figure that is increasing due to the loss of semen quality in recent years.

The inability to get pregnant is due to problems derived from the current lifestyle, such as an unhealthy diet, stress and the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, or environmental factors that affect male infertility. For this reason, assisted reproduction clinics are introducing new programs for the diagnosis and the treatment of male infertility and so that the woman can get pregnant with healthier sperm.

To achieve greater success in assisted reproduction techniques, one must know how to choose the sperm well to get pregnant, that is why the MACS technique has been developed. Some clinics incorporate an innovative technique of immunomagnetic cell selection or MACS.

This system allows to differentiate the sperm that will die without being able to fertilize the ovum, from the healthy and optimal ones for the fertilization of the ovum, which significantly improves the fertilization rate to get pregnant. That is to say: the woman gets pregnant with healthier sperm

This system works as a "magnet" that causes affected male gametes to remain implanted in a filter column with magnets through which the semen sample passes, thus allowing only healthy ones to pass.

A) Yes, the highest quality sperm will be used for fertilization of the ovum in the different assisted reproduction techniques while those that are in the process of degeneration are retained by magnetism. This selection improves the fertilization rate by up to 13 percent to achieve pregnancy.

MACS is especially indicated for patients with poor sperm quality, but also for those who have undergone more than two treatment cycles without pregnancy or embryo implantation failure. This process is especially indicated both in In Vitro Fertilization and Artificial Insemination treatments whose objective is to achieve pregnancy.

In addition, it can be complemented with the Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) to become pregnant, since, while the MACS technique selects sperm with healthy membranes, the IMSI is able to closely observe the morphology of male gametes and rule out those that are deformed or not suitable for fertilization thanks to the dimensions.

In short, more and more studies are being carried out on men to determine what can cause their fertility problem and to look for new techniques that help solve it to get their partner to get pregnant.

Dr. Victoria Verdú
Coordinator of the Gynecology team
Ginefiv Fertility Clinic

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