How to act if the child suffers an allergic reaction to save his life

How to act if the child suffers an allergic reaction to save his life

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Braxton, 4, had gone out to dinner with his parents at a Japanese restaurant. The boy enjoyed his dinner: some delicious soba noodles and oranges. However, the pleasant family dinner turned into a complicated situation in which there was fear for the child's life.

He started coughing and gradually began to have trouble breathing, his lips and eyes turned reddish and his belly began to swell. He was having an episode of anaphylaxis due to an allergic reaction. What his parents did and the doctor who treated him saved his life. And is that, knowing how to act if the child suffers an allergic reaction is key to avoiding a fatal outcome.

When Braxton began to suffer anaphylactic shock due to an allergy caused by one of the ingredients in his dinner, his mother rushed him to a clinic located in the same shopping center where they dined. There Dr Lai Yirong rushed to administer treatment. He injected her with adrenaline and applied a nebulizer to dilate her airways. However Braxton seemed to be sleepy as he inhaled from the nebulizer. The doctor asked the mother to do something that, along with the medications, was crucial to saving her life:

- "Don't let him sleep!"

The doctor feared that if the child fell asleep he would lose the conscious effort to breathe.

The efforts of the parents to keep him awake and the quick reaction of the doctor saved the life of the little boy who was admitted to the hospital for later observation. Braxton is now discharged and his father has posted his story on Facebook to alert other parents. "I wanted to warn parents about allergic reactions and not take them lightly. People are not always aware that an allergic reaction can be life threatening. "

The boy had suffered a reaction to soba noodles, which contain buckwheat or buckwheat, an ingredient that has already caused several cases of anaphylactic shock in Japan and the UK.

Anaphylaxis occurs when the body reacts to a substance, be it a medicine, milk, egg, nuts, stings, or insect bites. This reaction is usually almost immediate, in the subsequent 30 minutes it usually appears from mild forms with itching or tingling, moderate forms with respiratory distress or severe forms in which the child has respiratory distress.

In severe cases, the child may suffer a general failure in which the heart cannot pump blood adequately, as well. you may suffer respiratory failure that will endanger the child's life.

Therefore, when in doubt about what to do if the child suffers an allergic reaction, what we must do is act quickly and go to the emergency services. In this way, if we have a nebulizer or adrenaline, because we know the child's allergy, we must carry out a first administration. And above all, do not let him fall asleep to avoid losing the effort to keep breathing.

In the hospital or health center, if the case is mild or moderate, it will be enough for the medical staff to administer antihistamines, adrenaline or corticosteroids to the child.

In severe cases, the child will need support to be able to breathe and keep the blood system working properly. The speed of action of parents and medical personnel is essential to avoid oxygen deprivation in the child.

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