Simple Tips to Improve Children's Swallowing

Simple Tips to Improve Children's Swallowing

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Eat should be something easy and simple: we take the food, we put it in our mouths, we chew and we swallow. And so on until we finish, but not all of us do it in the same way.

To know if your son or daughter is doing it correctly I recommend that you pay attention to whether when you eat draws attention or not, that is, if makes noise or needs to stick out tongue to swallow food. When in doubt, ask yourself this question: can I take a picture of him while he's chewing and make it look good in it?

If the answer to the question is no, perhaps your child has atypical swallowing. I recommend that you dothese exercises to strengthen the muscles of the face that need more tonicity and thus be able to swallow well. Simple tips to improve children's swallowing.

To give you an idea on how to help you eat by getting a good swallow, here is one table with some examples that you can do at home right away, taking into account what it costs you:

The main exercises will be to strengthen the different tongue muscles, but also confirm if you can swell the cheeks well and hold the air in them and ask him to do vibrate lips and extend a kiss to the maximum to know if it is convenient to exercise these other muscles of the face.

These exercises that are recommended basically consist of trying to do what is not achieved games base. Encourage you to do grimaces in front of the mirror and play to imitate what each of you do.

Obviously, if even practicing different exercises from home you see that has trouble eating without attracting attention, it is best to consult with your trusted speech therapist so that they can give you a cable.

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