9 plastic crafts to do with children

9 plastic crafts to do with children

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Children love to decorate their home at Christmas, especially the Nativity scene. With this recycling craft you can make a very original birth with your children with all kinds of plastic containers.

Here are the steps to create your own recycled plastic Nativity Scene.

There is little left for carnival, and what better way than to encourage your child to create their own maracas with recycled plastic cups.

Following these simple steps you will have your maracas ready for carnival.

A simple container of yogurt can be used for your children to make their own clown glasses.

If you want to create your own recycled plastic glasses, follow these instructions.

With recycling crafts, children learn to create their own ecological toys while having fun and entertaining at home.

A very simple craft that you can learn to do by following these instructions is the hat with a plastic cup.

Children have gotten used to having everything made, but there is nothing that makes them more excited than making their own ecological toys with recycled material.

With a plastic bottle and following these simple steps you can create a beautiful Japanese doll.

All the plastic bottles you use can be used for your children to recycle them and make some simple crafts with them like this fun bottle fish

Here are all the steps to create your own plastic bottle fish.

Empty plastic containers are a good material for children's crafts. By recycling a couple of glasses of yogurt you can make beautiful daisies with your children to decorate your home.

Follow the steps to create these recycled plastic daisies.

During these cold and rainy days you can take the opportunity to make fun recycling crafts with your child. With the empty plastic containers you can create your own ecological toys like these cute bowls made with yogurt cans.

Read the directions for making the recycled plastic bowling pins.

Children's crafts are a good way for children to have fun at home and continue learning, such as the importance of recycling materials such as plastic.

Here you can read all the steps to teach your child to make this beautiful dragon with plastic cups.

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