Recipes for 3-year-olds

Recipes for 3-year-olds

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We show you a selection of recipes for 3-year-olds, where we include a variety of foods necessary for the proper growth and development of children; among them meat, vegetables and fruits.

At 3 years old children already have the ability to chew and bite thanks to the fact that the second molars come out in their teeth. That is why it is especially important to provide them with food that teaches them to chew, and on the other hand to teach them to use cutlery to eat. We suggest the following recipes to complement their diet and help them in this stage of learning.

Kiwi apple smoothie for kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives children the energy they need to carry out their activities for the day. To complement the breakfast of the little ones, we show you this recipe for a kiwi and apple-based smoothie, extremely nutritious and above all very rich.

Pineapple stuffed with fruits and yogurt for children

This recipe is ideal for special occasions, such as a birthday to any type of celebration. Children can draw a lot of attention for its colorful and rich fruit flavor. Surprise your children by preparing this fresh and healthy recipe!

Oatmeal cookies with margarine for children

Oatmeal cookies are ideal to give to children first thing in the day, since their properties are both nutritious and energetic. Oatmeal is extremely beneficial for children as it contains vitamins and minerals, among which vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin E.

Rice soup with carrot for children

This rice soup with vegetables is ideal to provide children with a healthy and light meal. On our site we show you the best recipes for children, which are characterized by being nutritious and at the same time attractive for the little ones to try and enjoy.

Chicken and pear cream for children

An original recipe for the little ones, where two delicious ingredients are mixed. On the one hand there is the pear, a fruit rich in potassium and on the other hand the chicken, a low-fat food with vitamins and minerals ideal for the growth of children.

Fideuá recipe for children

Fideuá is a typical dish from Valencia, Spain. We show you a recipe full of tradition, made with pasta noodles, prawns and fish. An option very similar to paella, and ideal for children to try seafood, and enjoy a healthy and tasty dish.

Meatloaf with potatoes for children

Meat pies are always easy to make and very complete, since in addition to meat they generally include vegetables. This recipe is a parent favorite, as it can also be made with leftovers from other stews in just a few steps. Do you dare to try it together with your children?

Sole with orange for children

Sole is a very good option for young children, due to its smooth texture and easy digestion. This time we show you a recipe with this fish, accompanied by almonds and orange; a combination that your children will not be able to resist!

Cous cous or chicken couscous for children

Couscous is a dish of Arabic origin that can also be adapted so that children can eat it. This recipe can be used as a main dish or as an accompaniment to another food. Dare to try new things and teach your children new and different flavors.

Kid's Chicken Bean Salad

If you are looking to prepare a healthy and fresh dish, beans are an excellent option. Excellent for the hot season you can combine this dish with other foods. A very good option to introduce legumes in the diet of children.

Chickpea and carrot stew with ham for children

A warm meal for the children. Enjoy this delicious stew made with chickpeas, ham and vegetables. A light and ideal recipe to share with the family. Discover on our site "the step by step" to make this delicious homemade food.

Mashed potatoes with chicken nuggets for kids

A delicious mashed potatoes for children, which adds an original touch to the recipe by adding chicken. Potatoes have the advantages of being very nutritious and easy to cook. Find out how to make this delicious recipe and surprise your little ones!

Peach and gooseberry star for kids

For the dessert of the little ones we suggest you prepare this peach star, a fruit rich in fiber and with vitamin C. Go ahead and prepare this recipe in just 5 minutes and enjoy a sweet temptation with your children.

Orange cake for children

Cakes can be a very good option for children's snacks. They are not complicated to make and the best thing is that when they are prepared at home they are much healthier for the little ones. Try this rich orange sponge cake and don't miss out on its delicious flavor!

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