Signs that you should take your child to a speech therapist

Signs that you should take your child to a speech therapist

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All parents frequently have doubts about the health of our children and this includes aspects related to speech, language and voice. We do not know if the development they are having is normal and that is when it is time to consult our family, friends, acquaintances and with it the answers based on comparisons with other children, cousins ​​and classmates in the park, nursery or school, without really solving our doubts.

Next we are going to show you the signs that indicate that you should take your child to the speech therapist, for a first evaluation and assessment by the professional and, if necessary, develop an appropriate intervention for each child.

1- My child does not speak or speaks little

There are children with normal intelligence who have difficulties in language acquisition and development affecting their expression and / or understanding of it.

From the birth to about 12 months It is the prelinguistic stage: children must discriminate sounds, keeping their gaze and smiling, they must show attention, make the first spontaneous laughs, play with their voice, shout, chatter, react when hearing their name, have the intention to communicate and possess their own jargon.

From first year to about 5 years It is the linguistic stage: children begin to emit their first words and acquire vocabulary, combine words and form sentences. At two and a half years they should already handle at least 50 words and make combinations with them. By five they should master the language accurately and continue to acquire vocabulary.

2- My child does not pronounce well or confuses certain sounds

From the age of 5 the child should be able to pronounce all sounds correctly and not confuse them.

3- My son stutters

When speaking, the child presents numerous repetitions, blocks or prolongations of sounds, syllables or words, sometimes associated with certain tics or alterations in breathing.

4- My son is always hoarse or voiceless

They tend to be children who have poor coordination when it comes to breathing and speaking, breathe through their mouths, have a lot of tension in the neck or scream a lot.

5- MY child has trouble reading in reading and / or writing

Has difficulty reciting the alphabet, performing simple rhymes and / or classifying sounds. In reading, he omits syllables or words, substitutes or distorts them, is slow, hesitates, and has comprehension problems. His writing is sloppy with frequent errors and omissions.

6- My child has bad habits when it comes to sucking, chewing or swallowing

Performing these acts incorrectly has a negative influence on the development of speech and can also lead to alterations in the teeth, palate and / or breathing.

Early detection is one of the fundamental bases to achieve the rehabilitation of these disorders, so do not forget these signs that indicate that you should take your child to a speech therapist.

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