Children's right to education

Children's right to education

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Children have the right to education. It's one of the 10 Fundamental rights of children drafted in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. Unfortunately, those rights that every child should have are not always fulfilled.

So we want to remember that we all have a responsibility to children, not only to protect our children, but to guarantee the rights of all children regardless of the part of the world in which they were born. Because not all children have the privileges of our children, but they do have the same rights.

All children have the right to an education. Education is not just about learning to read and write, but about forms the basis of personal development. For the machinery of a society to work, its members must have a basic education that allows them to develop as individuals in order to coexist in society.

Despite the importance of education, there are millions of children around the world who cannot access it. That is why we highlight this Right of children to education, access to education without discrimination of any kind and to a free education for boys and girls. Because all children have the right to learn and because education will be their best tool to build a decent life.

Principle 7 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child says: 'The child has the right to receive education, which it will be free and mandatory, at least in the elementary stages. ' And we all have the responsibility that this fundamental right is fulfilled.

Any child needs the basic education, reading, writing and a minimal culture so that they can develop their personality and integrate into society on equal terms. Today millions of children, especially girls, watch their right to education violated for political, economic, geographical and religious reasons.

The right to education for all children is not only aimed at providing them with the basic tools such as reading and writing, but also at providing them with the necessary values ​​so that they can actively participate in society as full members.

It is also in our hands to pressure governments around the world to guarantee this right to their children. And on a domestic level, we are responsible for instilling solidarity in our children making them see that going to school is not an annoying obligation, but a right that they must enjoy. Raising awareness among our children that together we must assert the rights of the most disadvantaged children is an exercise of responsibility that we sometimes forget.

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