The doula in labor and the birth of the baby

The doula in labor and the birth of the baby

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A mother usually has in her soul the memory of the deliveries of all his children. The labor and the birth of the baby merge into sensations, emotions and experiences that remain in the memory. They are the experiences (before, during and after childbirth) that make the mother consider whether or not the births of her children have been positive and assume or not in themselves beautiful or traumatic memories.

The birth experience will mark both the postpartum and the initial and even advanced upbringing of your children and their later decision, sometimes, to go through the experience of motherhood again or not. The doula in childbirth is an important aid for the mother, and in the birth of the baby.

Her birth, her perception of it, the objective reality of the delivery and how she fits what she knows and what she feels will be so fundamental that they will even mark the initial bond with her baby. They will mark how you feel about the arrival of that little being who is now in your arms after an incredible journey that began months ago, and that has culminated with the time of delivery to start a new stage outside the womb of his mother.

A woman that she experiences her birth as something traumatic, Either because there is abuse, or because the expectations that he had on him are not met and then the consequences of this breakdown of expectations are not addressed, or because his life or that of his baby has been found in danger during this process, is a woman who bears that mark in every second of her motherhood.

It is important to understand that the woman has to live a healing process while living one of adaptation and dedication to motherhood. Therefore, when situations occur during childbirth that may be traumatic, it is a whole family that is being affected by these situations and, therefore, the dimensions of this problem transcend the evident drama that it represents for women, moving to the family and, moreover, to society.

The mother who experiences her childbirth in a conscious, respected and supported with his family or with your doula you may, of course, encounter traumatic situations due to any health difficulties that occur during childbirth. But this woman, informed, aware of her process and supported by it from a health, family and emotional point of view, will have more tools to recover from these possible situations than that mother to whom it has not been offered. truthful information and adequate support.

Living postpartum is putting together a puzzle in which the pieces seem to change every second. The baby develops at breakneck speed, with each change, his needs seem to change even though they are essentially the same every day. And at the same time that woman changes every moment as she adapts to the needs of her baby, she knows him a little more every day and she meets a little more every day in this new role of mother, in the new role of couple that is created after motherhood, in the new woman's roler that is modified after motherhood ... Because that environment changes, sometimes it is overturning expectations, other hopes, opinions, own experiences, advice requested or not ... and many unknowns when not understanding many times how to act in the face of that motherhood. Where are the limits and the needs that they must help cover.

A respected, conscious and supported delivery is a great first step to having a safer postpartum and parenting and also more aware. And family and emotional support and truthful information to the mother and family help make this path easier to take. This is something that we doulas have very much in mind and we deal every day with the mothers we accompany. So that these mothers feel safe and calm, so that they feel supported and understood, so that they really decide and are respected on the way to their delivery, towards the birth of their children. For all this she is accompanied from the emotional support, the understanding of their individual being, of their personal emotions and from the respect. Because respected labor and respected birth begin with a respected pregnancy, with respect for the woman, with respect for the baby, and with respect for the family.

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