How to know if you are pregnant with twins or twins. Zygosity

How to know if you are pregnant with twins or twins. Zygosity

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It is common that it is not known to distinguish if you are pregnant with twins or twins. At first glance we can say that twins do not usually look as similar as twins, although this premise does not always work that way, and sometimes it is the parents themselves who do not even know type of multiple pregnancy that have.

In we tell you how to know if they are twins or twins and what does the zygosity.

There are two factors that at first glance lead us to differentiate if you are pregnant with twins or twins. If the boys are identical, they are usually twins; and if they are of different sex, they will always be twins. But what if children are same sex?, How do you know if they are really twins or twins?

There are twins that look so similar that they look like twins, and twins that are not as similar as they think.

It also helps to know the type of placenta we have to know the type of pregnancy, but these tricks are not always conclusive. If we really want to know the type of multiple pregnancy we have, we must have a zygosity test.

The word zygosity is refers to the zygote, that is, the cell resulting from the union of the ovum and the sperm. Therefore, zygosity will inform us of the type of zygotes that we carry in our pregnancy.

Although at first it may seem a bit messy, it is not so much.

Here we leave you the types of pregnancies according to their zygosity.

When there are two babies:

  • Monozygotic or univitelline: A single sperm fertilizes a single egg, which later divides into two fetuses. Are the identical twins.

  • Dizygotic or biviteline: Two different sperm fertilize two different ovules. They are the twins.

  • The semi identical twins: They are a rare case, and scientifically it remains to be determined how it occurs, but it is believed that the ovum divides before it is fertilized by two different sperm.

When there are three babies:

In the case of triplets, the options are more complex.

- The most usual thing is that it is three eggs fertilized by three different sperm, which is called trzygotic triplets. All the children would be Twins.

- Another option is that there are two eggs fertilized by different sperm, but one of the eggs is subsequently divided, which would give a twin and identical twins.

- Finally, there is the possibility that the egg to divide three times, which would give three identical twins. This option only occurs in 2% of cases.

When there are four or more babies, the chances of the type of pregnancy multiply.

It is important to know the type of pregnancy we have since that can prevent many added complications. On the other hand, it is convenient know the genetic traits of the siblings because, in case any of the children suffer from disease, we will know if others also have a chance of suffering it.

Knowing the zygosity of our children can also help cure certain diseases of one of the siblings, as is the case with organ transplants.

The test does not involve more complications than collecting a little cheek mucus of each of the children and take it to a laboratory to have their DNA analyzed. If they are still unborn children, they will take one amniotic fluid sample.

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