Sleeping with parents can lead to sudden death

Sleeping with parents can lead to sudden death

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After just over a month after a baby died in his sleep with his parents, a new case comes to light. A baby of just two and a half months dies while sleeping in the same bed with his parents and a seven-year-old brother.

Sleeping with parents can lead to sudden death and experts warn time and again that it is not advisable to sleep with babies because there are risks that they could die from sudden death or accidental suffocation.

According to a study published in the British magazine "The Lancer", which warned that sleeping with parents can lead to sudden death of the baby, a practice that has been increasing in recent years, due to the comfort and need of some families. Well, the study concludes thatthe safest thing is that the baby sleeps in a crib. That sleeping on the back of a father or mother, not being warm enough by a duvet, or not sleeping in a suitable and comfortable position, can lead the baby to sudden death.

Although the causes of the death of the second baby have not yet been confirmed, according to police sources, everything indicates that it is one more case of sudden death. It cannot be ignored that this syndrome is still the leading cause of death in babies less than one year old old. And nearly 20 percent of sudden death cases are due to babies who slept with their parents.

The routine at bedtime It is the best measure to help the baby fall asleep. A change of bed or circumstance, can alter your sleep, and hinder its development. Therefore, although it is wonderful to sleep with the baby, and indisputably more comfortable, it is contraindicated. Apart from protect you from the risks of sudden death or other discomfort, sleeping with parents, can cause insecurity and dependency. From an early age, babies must learn notions of privacy and individuality.

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