Surgical operation and breastfeeding

Surgical operation and breastfeeding

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If we are nursing mothers, any event that involves a more or less long separation from our children is a source of great stress.

If, in addition, the event is that we find ourselves in the need to undergo a surgical operation, the nerves and anxiety can generate so many doubts and fears that we even decide to postpone the operation until we stop breastfeeding our child.

However, this is not necessary: ​​we are going to shed a little light on the subject so that you can make the best decisions. We tell you what to do to continue breastfeeding in the event of a surgical operation.

The first good news is that you will only have to be separated from your little one for the duration of the operation, this is important. If we are talking about a small baby, less than 6 months old, he probably does need some milk during the time you are in the operating room.

Maybe you can express milk a few days before and leave it with your caregiver, or you can just drink formula. You can be calm, even if you have never taken anything other than your breast, you will know how to take from the bottle, cup or syringe that your caregiver offers you. You will not go hungry with milk and a loving hand offering it to you.

Immediately after the operation, as soon as you are awake and feel able to do it, you can offer the breast to your baby. There are many, many anesthetics, antibiotics, or pain relievers that are totally safe and compatible with breastfeeding. It is also a duty of the hospital to provide adequate comfort so that you can breastfeed your baby while you need to be hospitalized.

In some hospitals they are reluctant to let a baby or young child spend the day or night in the hospital because their mother is in the hospital. Try to negotiate it before, the solution in many cases is to be admitted to the obstetric or pediatric ward, instead of on the surgery floor, and so there will be no problem if a child is also on the floor with his mother.

Sometimes hospital staff, anesthetists, surgeons, or nurses may raise questions or resistance about breastfeeding and medications. However, she thinks that immediately after a caesarean section any woman can breastfeed her baby, and if she has to take antibiotics or pain relievers she can take them while breastfeeding.

So as a general rule those resistances are usually for comfort or ignorance. The scientific reality is that you can breastfeed as soon as you wake up from anesthesia, and that most anesthetics, pain relievers, and antibiotics are safe.

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