The muddy squirrel. Stories with values ​​for children

The muddy squirrel. Stories with values ​​for children

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As much as we try to talk to children and explain how important it is to collaborate and cooperate, help others, and be kind, parents find it difficult to get this message across to them.

An excellent vehicle for all these teachings to reach them are stories. Through stories and stories, children learn to differentiate what is right from what is wrong. An example of this is,The mudita squirrel, a beautiful story with values ​​for children. With him they will learn the importance of working together to achieve a goal and, above all, to help other people.

On a small island, in the middle of the ocean, lived a happy family of squirrels who led a very quiet life.

Every day they ran around the rocks, played with seagulls and crabs, ate all kinds of fruits, enjoyed themselves looking at the sea and sunbathed enjoying the landscape.

One morning, when they woke up, they discovered that the Dumb squirrel was not there, the youngest of the sisters and they went out to the beach to look for her right away.

- Muditaaaaaa !, where are you? - They all shouted with great force.

"Where did he go?" Said the middle sister, on the point of crying.

"It couldn't have gone very far," the older squirrel replied, pouting.

While the squirrel parents looked at each other desolate without saying a word.

"We're going to divide into two groups," Squirrel Dad said at last, breaking his silence.

Mother squirrel and the older sister went to the road, on the other hand, papa squirrel and the middle sister went to look for her on the mountain of the cactus.

- Have you seen Mudita around here? - The first asked some sleepy sunbathing mice.

No, the mice replied, we haven't seen her for days.

- Has something happened to him? - they asked immediately.

And mother squirrel told them in anguish that the mute squirrel had disappeared.

"We will help you look for it," they said, and they left in the direction of the palm forest.

- Have you seen Mudita around here? - the seconds asked some seagulls.

- No, the seagulls replied, we haven't seen her since yesterday.

- Has something happened to him? - They immediately asked.

And papa squirrel told them in anguish that the mute squirrel had disappeared overnight.

We will help you find it- They said and flew by land and sea in search of him.

At dusk, everyone went home very tired without having found the little squirrel. They looked at each other very sad and silent, not knowing what to do or what to say when, suddenly, one of the mice said:

- Did you hear that?

They all pricked up their ears and heard:

Ras, ras, ras, ras, ras ...

They entered the cave and heard, closer now, the strange noise.

Ras, ras, ras, ras, ras ...

Squirrel Daddy stepped forward and went to the corner where the strange little noises were coming from.

- Mudita, you're here! - He said screaming with emotion.

The mute squirrel was imprisoned by the paw and couldn't get out of there. Together they managed to lift the rock and set it free.

The squirrel family hugged Mudita very tightly and all the friends celebrated that she was alive and well.

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