The best poems for children of 2018

The best poems for children of 2018

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On our site we have made a selection of the best poems for children of 2018; a very good option for little ones to develop their imagination and become more interested in the habit of reading. We are talking about texts that have even passed through generations and that continue to be an ideal way to motivate children to get closer to the world of letters.

Spend great moments with your children reading these beautiful poems. Don't miss them!

The rats. Short poems for children

This poetry is a traditional rhyming text by the writer Lope de Vega. A short story that, when read, can be a very fun way for children to acquire new knowledge. Play and learn with the children, reading a story about some very nice mice.

The butterfly. Children's poems

García Lorca was a Spanish poet who stood out for having a great influence and popularity in 20th century Spanish literature. This time we show you a poetry of his authorship, called "The butterfly". An ideal story to amuse and entertain children in a very enjoyable way.

Water where you go. Short poems for children

Children can enjoy this beautiful classic poetry that will help them improve their reading skills, even if they read it aloud it helps them develop their language skills. Poetry is beautiful by nature and a very creative way to learn and enjoy reading.

My family. Poems with values

If you want to show children the value of family, you can do it through this beautiful poetry. The importance of always being united and helping each other is fundamental as a teaching for the little ones. Do not miss the opportunity to read with them and create unforgettable and very emotional moments.

April. Children's poetry

Juan Ramón Jiménez is the author of this children's poetry. He is a Nobel Prize winning writer in Literature, who dedicated much of his works to making lyrical narrative for children. With the help of this poetry, encourage creativity and make your child appreciate the musicality of their rhymes.

My face, a nice poem for children

Through this poetry by Gloria Fuentes, you can make children express themselves more easily, foster their imagination and stimulate their auditory memory. With this text they can also learn the names of the different parts of the face, and sing and dance to the rhythm of their musicality.

The dentist in the jungle, a didactic poem for children

Exercise the memory of the children, making them recite this poetry by Gloria Fuentes. As they say it, they can accompany the verses with body movements that help them remember each line of text more easily. They can also learn the names of some jungle animals while playing and having fun.

Pegasus cute pegasus, classic poems for children

A poetry by Antonio Machado that will favor the understanding of concepts in children, it will also promote the development of their thinking and language. Enjoy with your children reading this traditional poetry that talks about these beautiful mythological animals.

My grandmother is a fairy, poems about grandparents

Encourage your children to read with this beautiful poetry that talks about the importance of grandparents in their lives. They can even read together with their grandparents to create a much stronger emotional bond with them. An ideal text for children to live happy moments and create emotional connections.

Everything is in place

Children's poetry can be learned by playing, this has multiple benefits, since it favors the communication skills of children in a much more didactic way. 'Everything is in its place' is a poem that besides being ideal for the game, is very easy to recite and beneficial for their intellectual development.

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