The 5 best museums in Chile for children

The 5 best museums in Chile for children

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In Chile We can find a variety of museums that have the purpose of disseminating culture, art and scientific knowledge among children. Are interactive spaces offering activities and programs, which will awaken the interest of the little ones to learn more about the world around them.

This time shows you the 5 best museums in Chile for children. Surprise your children traveling through outer space in the Planetarium of the University of Chile, bring out their most artistic side in the Artequin museum, or take them to decipher the fascinating world of science in the Mirador Interactive Museum. Discover all the options that Chile and its museums give you, to encourage children's learning and live unique and fun experiences!

A space for playful education, dedicated to encouraging the approach of children to the world of science. This museum has interactive modules installed in 14 rooms, where the little ones can be amazed by scientific phenomena and principles, appropriate and explained according to their age. Among the activities that we can do in this space are: an incredible circular piano with which children can play melodies with their feet, nail walls to make figures with their hands, a tsunami simulator that recreates this natural phenomenon on a scale or a giant bubble show, great fun! Without a doubt, a museum to have a great time!

Let the imagination of the little ones fly, taking them to National Aeronautical and Space Museum.A place dedicated to displaying airplanes and historical collections, where the advances of man in the matter of aeronautics and aerospace science are reflected. In this museum, children will be able to see drawings, models and prototypes of old airplanes, and even collections of airplanes from the last century. They will also be able to learn more about the history of the first airplane flight made by the Wright brothers, as well as a room dedicated to the most important events related to space observation and exploration.

Does your child like painting and art? The Artequin Museum has collections of Chilean art and works by international artists such as Monet, Renoir or Rembrandt; as well as novel animal sculptures, and photographic and sculptural reproductions of great Latin American artists such as Frida Kahlo. It is also a space where workshops, games and educational activities for children, in addition to courses and guided tours with the aim of bringing them closer to the world of visual arts and giving them learning focused on this discipline. To find out more about all the recreational activities carried out by the museum, you can consult it on its website.

This planetarium is one of the 50 most important astronomical broadcasting audiovisual centers Worldwide. It has advanced technology thanks to its full dome4 digital system, where children can enjoy shows related to topics such as Mayan astronomy, the earth and its environment, the solar system, black holes, the universe, among others. They also have exhibitions of art combined with science, audiovisual pieces accompanied by musical concerts and workshops related to the universe and planets. It is definitely a space designed for children to have an out of this world experience!

The universe of flora and fauna comes to Chile through the National Museum of Natural History. Anthropology, astronomy, botany, paleontology, zoology and entomology are the topics that we can find in its various exhibits. This venue has downloadable educational guides for children, on various topics exposed in its rooms and also holds a youth science fair where it invites basic and high school students from all over Chile, to promote them the popularization of science.

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