What a child should learn before going to school

What a child should learn before going to school

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Since they are born, children go through different phases in their evolution. One of them is the beginning of the school stage. To be able to face it calmly, it is advisable to first teach our children to acquire certain skills.

On our site we tell you what things a child should learn before going to school.

1. Control toilet training before going to school:

In many cases, access to school occurs at the age of 3, an age that may still be early for some children to have learned to control their toilet bowls. Being a maturational ability, there may be children who learn to control them later than others. In addition, there is a great difference in maturity between children born at the beginning of the year and those born, for example, in December.

However, we must facilitate learning so that they can start the school year without diapers.

2. How to help the child to give up the pacifier before going to school:

We must be very patient in this task. You can help us explain that to keep your teeth from becoming deformed, you should stop using the pacifier. Praising him by telling him that he is older explaining the advantages of being older, and that only little ones and babies use a pacifier can also help us as well as make him see that we are proud of achieving it by encouraging him to quit.

Another recommendation made by experts is to leave it bluntly and without turning back. One option is to hand it over to Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men or throw it straight in the trash because you no longer need it.

It is advisable to help our son with cuddles and hugs if he feels insecure once he leaves the pacifier, so that he knows that he can overcome those moments of insecurity without it.

3. How to teach our son to eat alone before going to school?

It is important that our child from baby can experiment with food and learn to put it in his mouth with his hands. It also helps our son to acquire the ability to eat only by playing with toy plates and cutlery imitating the roles of adults.

To handle the cutlery, it is advisable to start with the spoon and with compact foods such as yogurts and purees to make it easier for you to put the food in your mouth.

Once our son manages the use of the spoon, we can begin to practice with the fork so that he learns to carve food, although it is recommended that it be made of plastic to avoid injury during learning.

4. How to adapt our child to the school schedule before school starts?

The first days of class in the infant stage, students go to the center only for a few hours. This is called the adaptation period. This schedule is extended little by little so that the children get used to the new situation.

Before starting school, we have to accustom our children to school schedules, which in some cases means getting up earlier than usual, so our children should go to bed earlier than they usually do to that they can rest the necessary time. Pediatricians recommend that children sleep no less than 10 hours during school age so they can rest and have energy for morning activity at school.

It is recommended that our children wake up at a time that gives them enough time to clean up, dress and have breakfast with ease, to be able to go to school without stress or rush.

5. Ensure that our child does not feel detached at the beginning of the school stage

Before starting school, it is important to motivate our son so that he does not feel detachment with his parents as something negative but as a positive experience. For this it is important that we encourage you to share with us your experiences at school, dedicate time to our son when he leaves school so that he feels loved, and does not consider school as a kind of emotional abandonment.

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