The best museums in Spain to go with children

The best museums in Spain to go with children

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In Spain we can find museums of all kinds specially designed for children to have fun and learn at the same time. A museum does not have to be boring, today many of them offer interactive rooms, workshops focused on developing their knowledge, and attractive activities that help them awaken their curiosity and stimulate their imagination. This time shows you a list of the best museums in Spain to go with children. You cannot miss the opportunity to attend with them and pass very funny family moments!

Surely you have heard about this cute little mouse, right? Well the good news is that now you can visit the house of this classic character in the heart of Madrid. Browse a gallery of illustrations of the Tooth Fairy made by different artists, discover a beautiful model of his house and learn more about his life, you may even find a baby tooth out there! An ideal space for children and adults to have a great time!

This is one of the best museums to go with children. In it they will be able to have an approach with the world of the robot. Discover in this space androids from Star Wars, the second most important collection of robot dogs in Europe and NAO, an award-winning humanoid, with the characteristic of having social skills equal to those of a person. Very interesting! Don't you think? In addition, many of the robots in this museum are not only exhibited but also children will be able to interact with them and see them in action.

This museum of piracy can be found within the Castle of Santa Bárbara located in the Guanapay Volcano. Inside, children can learn more about the history of famous international pirates such as John Hawkins, Francis Drake and Robert Blake. They can also discover what old Spanish ships, sabers and pirate cannons were like. A whole medieval adventure for the little ones!

A perfect plan to do with children is to go to Dinopolis, especially if you are fond of dinosaurs. Here you can find an outdoor enclosure with full-scale dinosaurs, then you can enjoy a show adapted to the little ones with this theme, go through caves, mazes and very fun children's games for the little ones. Inside is the museum, where apart from the exhibition rooms, you can enjoy various attractions related to the world of dinosaurs.

Bringing children closer to the world of science It can be a lot of fun! The National Museum of Natural Sciences will invite you to learn more about biodiversity in Spain and advances in ecology. Likewise, it has a program of cultural activities for the little ones, in force throughout the year. A very a good way to instill in them care for the natural heritage and its conservation.

Behind the museum there is a research project, in which a exact reproduction of famous people and emblematic scenes of Spain. Currently more than 450 wax figures are on display, including personalities from the world of sports, science, entertainment, among others. This museum also offers educational activities for children that will allow children to learn more about the history of their country. Definitely a fun spaceto enjoy in the company of your children!

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