Tips for safely watching a solar eclipse with children

Tips for safely watching a solar eclipse with children

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A solar eclipse is a astronomical phenomenon in which the moon is placed directly in front of the sun, either partially or completely. This phenomenon can only be seen from certain places on earth, and since the moon rotates in a slightly inclined orbit around our planet, this makes this event rare.

Despite being a magnificent and very interesting phenomenon to teach children, it is necessary to take precautions to see a solar eclipse with children safely, since they are much more sensitive to sunburn and if there is no adequate prevention, your eyesight can be damaged.

The solar eclipse It can damage the eyes, since the sun's radiation is very intense and can affect the retina. This phenomenon is known as solar retinopathy, which can cause injuries and loss of visual acuity. In these cases the best treatment is prevention, since at present the symptoms can be controlled, but in itself, the damage is irreparable.

In We give you the best tips so that your children can appreciate this phenomenon that nature gives us, safely.

1. Beware of inappropriate objects. Do not give children X-rays, burned films, negatives, smoked glass, or CDs to see the eclipse through them, as these do not protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

2. Use specialized glasses. The use of sunglasses is insufficient, so it is not recommended that little ones watch the eclipse with them. In this case there are approved glasses or with special filters to be able to enjoy this phenomenon. Consult the list that NASA has published for this purpose.

3. Measure the time of exposure to the eclipse. Even with adequate protection, it is advisable to watch the eclipse for only a couple of seconds.

4. Make projections. Making a projection on a white wall to see the eclipse indirectly is a very good option. You can do this through a telescope or binoculars, but be careful! do not forget that it is indirect, you should never look directly through these optical devices.

5. Look at the shadows of the leaves of the trees. The gaps that remain between the leaves of the trees act as a lens and through them the image of the eclipsed sun is projected. A different and original way to appreciate this phenomenon.

6. You must be aware of the children throughout the eclipse and if they have any discomfort, they must go immediately to the ophthalmologist.

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