International food that children can safely eat

International food that children can safely eat

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The Mediterranean diet is rich in a variety of dishes and options perfectly suitable for children, and adults, of course. However, we adults also like to consume international, Chinese, Mexican, Indian or Japanese food to give a few examples, and the options of restaurants and chains at home of these gastronomic varieties are increasing in our country due to the increase in demand. Can children safely eat any international food?

- Japanese food is very varied, rich in vegetables and seafoodIn addition to being cooked simply, without too many seasonings, which is certainly an advantage. In addition, the way of eating it -with your hands- and in small and attractive portions is the most attractive for the little ones in the house. Nutritionally it is a very complete kitchen, since it is based on a cereal, rice, a source of slow absorption carbohydrates, fish, a source of essential fatty acids necessary for brain development, and algae, which provide a large amount of vitamins .

However, not all are advantages, it is an international food that young children cannot eat in peace, since raw fish presents a potential microbiological danger that the infantile immune system, still in development, may not be prepared to overcome. Raw fish, under ideal microbiological conditions, is perfectly suitable for consumption in childhood, but if you are not sure, it is best to postpone its consumption until approximately 5 years of age.

- Chinese food that is consumed outside of China, curiously, has little to do with what is consumed there. It is a kitchen that has rice as the basis of its diet, accompanied by protein foods - duck, pork, beef ... - and a large amount of vegetables, but also sauces and condiments. Like Japanese food, Chinese food is eaten in small portions to be able to use traditional chopsticks, something that arouses the curiosity of the little ones. By limiting the amounts of sauces, there is no reason to indicate that this gastronomic variety is not suitable in childhood.

- Food Indian food, uses many spices, dressings, and other spicy seasonings. It is based, like the previous ones, rice, although other cereals such as wheat or corn also have a great role. They are also accompanied by legumes and other protein foods.

The truth is that children in India or Mexico eat and have been fed in a traditional way with strongly seasoned food, so if it is accepted by the child, there is no reason to deny it. In addition, if the mother has consumed it regularly during pregnancy and breastfeeding, its taste will be even familiar!

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