The rats. Children's poem to practice the letter R

The rats. Children's poem to practice the letter R

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The R phoneme is one of the most difficult for many children to pronounce, some get it on their own as they get older and others need extra help to do it.

On our site we suggest you read aloud with your child this children's poem to practice letter R, an original and fun way to learn while playing.

The mice is a children's poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that will help us practice the pronunciation of the letter R with our son in case he suffers from rotacism.

Gnaw the rat,

gnaws the mouse,

without seeing the cat

which is in the corner.

The calm cat,

look at the mice,

who are distracted

gnawing on cardboard.

Look at the cat,

gnaw at the mouse,

gnaw the rat,

gnaw the cardboard.

Quick jump

about the cartons,

fast hunt

the two mice.

He is licking his lips

wagging his tail,

go back to your corner,

is purring

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