Children should finish eating when their appetite is satisfied

Children should finish eating when their appetite is satisfied

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'You can't leave food on the plate.' I think most of us have heard that many times from our parents, grandparents, older siblings ... I, the first-born in the family, my parents never forced me to do so. Still, following his example, I have become accustomed to not leaving anything on the plate.

I think that children learn more from the example of their parents than from their orders, and when it comes to eating, you have to follow the children's tastes. If the child does not like the way some food tastes, why force him to eat it?

Until today everything I put on my plate, I eat it. That's how my parents got used to me. I think that filling the child's plate with much more food than he is capable of eating seems counterproductive to me. Each child is unique and so is at mealtime. There are children who need to eat more and others less. At home, I have always eaten everything, my middle brother has always been one of those who did not want to eat, and the little one has turned out to be a real glutton. That is why I think that each child has different appetites and nutritional needs. I think it is up to the parents to observe and offer the food to everyone in a more personalized way, in terms of quantity.

Should children be forced to eat everything? I, in particular, think never. I don't know if it happens with you, but there are days when I don't feel like eating so much, while on others it makes me want to eat even the plate. Well, that's how children are. If they go without food or eat little for a day, nothing will happen to them. The best thing, I think, is that we put a small amount of food on their plate, and if they want to repeat, let them do it. This way we will avoid discussions and "bad drinks" at the table, and food waste.

The time of lunch or dinner should be pleasant and calm, and not a battlefield. We cannot confuse our children with robots or with something programmed to eat as long as we parents want. If we know our child well, we will know what kind of food he likes, and in what quantities. Thus, we will be educating him to establish and recognize when his body is satisfied.

Another very different thing is when children eat in a hurry to continue playing. Of course, I think we should not allow. We must also educate them in how to eat and behave at the table. Your stomach will thank you. Finally, just remember that the most important thing is not the quantity but the quality of children's nutrition. It is necessary for them to eat well and that does not mean that it is a lot. Forcing children to eat more than they really need can lead to problems such as anxiety and digestion. The best thing is that we be prudent and patient.

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