The cow and the fly. Funny nursery rhymes

The cow and the fly. Funny nursery rhymes

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The cow and the fly is a fun nursery rhyme for children to learn to love poetry. He tells, throughout his verses, how a very insistent fly, does not stop bothering a quiet cow that grazes quietly. What will happen to the fly?

An original poetry by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that helps us to promote a taste for reading in children. Arefunny children's poems that arouse interest in reading.

We invite you to read this children's poem, it is really fun. You will not be able to stop reading, or stop smiling while you read the story of The Cow and the Fly.

A summer afternoon

an unruly fly,

around a cow

flutters nervous.

The merry cow in the meadow,

eating grass is happy,

fanned himself with his tail,

don't see the fly coming.

When I was calmer,

getting ready to sleep,

flying comes the fly

and sits on your nose.

The cow moves her muzzle

about to sneeze,

the fly away quickly

but he posed again.

To the ear of the cow

this time the fly has gone,

it's making her nervous

puts it in one ear.

Raise and lower your head

lowers it and raises it again,

this sticky fly

it makes her suffer a lot.

From the corner of the eye,

this time without scaring her away,

follow the flight of the fly

thinking about how to hunt her.

To the muzzle of the cow

this time flying has gone,

the cow sticks its tongue out

and the fly has been eaten.

The merry cow in the meadow,

eating grass is happy,

flying comes another fly

this time he sees her coming.

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