The eye and the camera of the parents always on the children

The eye and the camera of the parents always on the children

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The fashion of recording and photographing everyday life, each activity, each movement of the children, is already a 'viral' habit among parents. When my daughter was little, there was still not the comfort and facilities of digital, but I still loved taking pictures of her when she smiled, when she put on a new dress, when she fell asleep, ate, danced, played ...

Today when I flip through her photo albums, I drool. But beware, that of having a lifelong family album at home has disappeared and has been transferred to social networks, with the difference that today the photos are seen by everyone and not only by family members.

What motivates us parents to have children, whenever we can, under the eye of a smartphone or a photo or video camera? In my case, what encouraged me was being able to send photos and videos to the most distant relatives and share with them the growth and development of my daughter, by email. We have photos and some videos of all their birthday parties, their first spoonfuls, their first steps, their first doodle ... Grandparents thank us until today.

On the other hand, the images that we are recording of our children are a good way to document their development. Many times I have caught my daughter flipping through photo albums from when she was little. He has always loved it! She doesn't tell me, but I think she's looking for stories from her life, moments to relive them and teach them to her little friends.

For me, in particular, photography is a hobby and a way of recording moments that allow me to relive them over and over again. The photograph is like the child's first tooth with which the mother makes an ornament to wear around her neck, or like the digital pictures of the child that some parents have framed and hung on a wall. Or even the first lock of hair that other parents usually keep.

On the one hand, there is the pleasure of saving a memory or a moment of your child, but where are the limits? There are parents who share everything on the networks, the mother's live birth, children on the potty, naked babies in their first bath ... There are so many, so many moments that deserve to be portrayed, right? But you have to step on the brakes, know and consider the risks of sharing photos of children on social networks. What do you think?

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