Ten girl names with the most powerful meanings

Ten girl names with the most powerful meanings

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Choosing the name of our baby is not an easy task, it is a headache at times. Tradition, personal tastes or popularity sometimes make us opt for one or another name.

The sound, its origin or sometimes its meaning are the variables that make us opt for one or another choice.

If you have not yet decided on the name of your future daughter, we propose ten ideas of girl names with different origins but that have their meaning in common. Since all of them allude to strength or power. They are girl names with the most powerful meanings.

1- Keila: the origin of this name is controversial. For some voices it is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'strength' and also 'that is close to God'. For others its origin is Greek and means 'beautiful'. There are also experts who point out that it is a variant of the Arabic name Kayla and means "the highest that God can go."

2- Diva: it is an Italian name. Its meaning alludes to a ‘powerful woman’. This name is used as an adjective when we refer to a valuable woman. Among the famous personalities that are called thus stands out: the American actress Diva Muffin Zappa.

3- Valeria: it is a name of Latin origin that means 'strength'. It is a name widely used in Latin American soap operas. Also noteworthy are several personalities who are named like this, for example: the Argentine actress Valeria Bertuccelli or the Peruvian model and actress Valeria Bringas, among others.

4- Abrielle: it is a name of Hebrew origin for some, while other voices maintain that its origin is Native American. This name means 'God is my strength'. It is a very rare name.

5- Carlota: means 'strong or powerful'. It is a name of German origin. Its use has become popular in recent years. Among its variants we find Carla or Charlotte. The Mexican empress Carlota of Belgium stands out among the personalities that are called Carlota.

6- Mayida: it is a name of Arabic origin that means 'glorious and powerful'. Majida is also used. Among the personalities that are called this way, the Colombian singer and actress Majida Margarita Issa Belloto stands out.

7- Edit: It means 'victorious in combat'. Its origin is German. Edith is also used. It is a very used name in the United Kingdom. The French singer Edith Piaf stands out with this name.

8- Megan: is a name of English origin. It means 'the one who is strong and capable'. Among its variants we find Margaret, Margarita in Spanish. Highlight the American actress and model Megan Fox, as a personality who is called that, and who has popularized this name.

9- Danna: it means 'one who has the power and capacity to arbitrate'. It is a name of Hebrew origin and biblical use. Some voices argue that it is the diminutive of Danielle, which is the feminine form of Daniel.

10- Irma: is a name of German origin. It means 'that which has strength'. Among the personalities that call her Irma, the Spanish presenter Irma Soriano stands out. The name was also popularized as a result of the Willy Wilder film "Sweet Irma."

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