10 children's movies to watch with grandparents

10 children's movies to watch with grandparents

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Films of grandparents that transmit values ​​to children


'Mrs Doubtfire, dad for life' she is not actually a grandmother, but a father (played by Robin Williams) who is denied custody of their children by the judge after a divorce. In order to be close to them, it occurs to her to transform into a charming old woman and thus get the position as a caregiver for the children.

The story is itself a comedy where the misadventures and crazy occurrences of this rambunctious 'granny' are shown that makes everyone laugh non-stop.

Heidi She is an orphan, and one day her aunt takes her to live with her paternal grandfather, a grumpy old man who lives in a mountain house in the Alps. At first, Heidi looks at her grandfather with some 'fear'. He is a strange man. Away from everyone, quiet and with very marked customs.

Heidi she is the complete opposite of her grandfather: impulsive, emotional, spontaneous. Both granddaughter and grandfather will learn to live together and love each other as they are. Heidi from her freshness and her naivety, will get her grandfather to open his heart. And his grandfather will offer his granddaughter an example of effort, perseverance and work.

The protagonist of 'Up' has no children. Neither grandchildren. And yet he is an example for all children. Despite not being able to have children, she loves children. In fact, he allows a little one whom he hardly knows anything about, to make the most important trip of his life with him.

The endearing grandfather of 'Up ' He gives us an example of love, fidelity, perseverance and effort. Key values ​​in the education of children.

Daniel He seems like a charming boy, but under his sweet appearance hides a rebellious and mischievous spirit. He will try to make life impossible for a curmudgeon neighbor, with hundreds of antics designed with tenacity and intelligence.

Mr. Wilson (Walter Matthau) is not the child's true grandfather, but he does represent all grandparents, demonstrating the infinite patience they have with their grandchildren. Without a doubt, a very funny movie to laugh and laugh without stopping.

The story begins when an old man goes to visit his sick grandson. So, you decide to tell him a fantastic story. At first, his grandson is reluctant, as he doesn't feel like spending any time with his grandfather. However, the story is 'hooking' him, and the relationship with his grandfather changes completely.

The story that his grandfather tells him is a love story from medieval times. A young woman falls in love with a stable boy, but he wants adventure and goes on a trip. Years go by and she thinks she's dead. So she is promised to the prince, and one day before the wedding a masked man kidnaps her. The king will send his three best men to rescue her, but the masked swordsman can with them all. Love triumphs over all things and overcomes all obstacles that put it in its way.

Mine she is a normal girl. Somewhat shy and a bit 'disastrous' with her way of dressing. He never knew who his father was. But when he turns 16, his life changes: he receives a mysterious letter in which he is told that he is heir to a distant kingdom. This is how it transforms into 'Princess by surprise'.

Mia meets her grandmother, the Queen of Genovia. She is strict, but very wise. And under her appearance of a severe queen, hides a modern and endearing grandmother who manages to transform her granddaughter, instilling in her the limits and rules she needed without forgetting affection.

Daniel is new to town, and suddenly he feels lonely and lost. As if that weren't enough, the Cobra, a local karate group. they start making fun of him. Then Daniel meets Miyagi, an elderly martial arts expert, who will become his mentor and also his 'grandfather'.

Daniel will learn from Miyagi to believe in himself, to set challenges and achieve them, to project all his energy into achieving his dreams. He will be, without a doubt, the best teacher, at the level of knowledge and at the spiritual level.

The eternal and magical history of Little Prince, by Saint-ExupéryThis time it is narrated in a different way: through the gaze of a girl and her elderly neighbor, with whom she establishes a friendship.

Both discover at the same time, excited, the story of the Little Prince, a boy who lands in the desert and comes from another planet. The little one makes friends with a pilot whose plane broke down. The Little Prince will teach you to see the world with different eyes, the eyes of children, just as the old man in this story is reborn when feeling, again, rejuvenated.

The grandmother of Pocahontas he died long ago, but his spirit remains with her forever. To hear his wise advice, just go to the old willow on the hill.

It's a movie by Disney based on real events, and includes the love story between an Indian princess and a British sailor. Pocahontas will have doubts about what to do: should she follow the dictates of her heart or do what her common sense recommends? His grandmother, a spirit that lives forever in old Willow, will be his advisor.

The protagonist of this beautiful story full of values ​​is Charlie, a very humble little boy who wins a ticket to a fantastic Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

The boy decides to go with the person he admires the most: his grandfather. Together, they will pass unknowingly a series of tests that other children with their relatives will not be able to overcome. Greed, selfishness, pride ... all these countervalues ​​will end up disappearing. The only ones who manage to win are Charlie and his grandfather, who, guided by kindness and humility, will reach the end of the adventure.

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