My baby just wants to be in my arms

My baby just wants to be in my arms

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All moms know the importance of holding our children and maintaining physical contact with us to feel protected. For every baby, his mother is the solution to all his ills, but it may happen that our son get used to it and don't want to leave us in the sun or in the shade. When is it reasonable to hold them?

There are babies who are, by nature, more demanding than others, they often cry, not to meet their physiological needs, but because of loneliness or a feeling of insecurity. Many mothers have to carry our children while we dust, eat or pee. As soon as we lose our vision, the child screams because he does not want to be alone and greatly limits the possibility of performing other tasks. We tell you what to do when the baby just wants to be in arms.

At first, we can all understand these demands. This dependency is normal, but as they grow they must learn to adapt to the world: to their cradle, to external stimuli, to the presence of third parties, etc. And, for this, we must patiently deal with the situation.

Little by little we have to get used to our child feeling safe out of our arms. We can start by putting him in a hammock and taking him where we are so that he has us present, but without carrying them in his arms with the slightest moan (I know that, almost always, the cry of a baby confuses and moves us). We must not let them throw a tantrum with our indifference, but we must help them learn to wait a bit before they get what they expect.

We can also offer them entertainment: a toy, a piece of bread so that they learn to relax and not be constantly aware of us. The result will depend largely on the baby's personality, but we have to bear in mind that habits and customs are also learned.

The baby has to start exploring, playing..., to be more independent, although the hugs and affections that we give them will continue to be very important, the question is to give them what is necessary, give in to their demand for arms when an insecure situation occurs or when it is reasonable. The baby should bear, progressively, that we cannot meet his demands at all times.

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