How a child with ADHD or ADD feels

How a child with ADHD or ADD feels

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They almost always talk about what an ADHD child is like at home or at school, how parents and teachers suffer it. But what about the child? How does a child with ADHD or ADD feel?

ADHD is a condition of the child, something that is given to him and he does not choose to be that way, however, he is continually judged and blamed for that condition. He is scolded if he does not attend, he is punished without TV because he forgets his homework and we yell at him when we can't take it anymore.

The hyperactive child has a history that is loaded with the vision of many close people (parents, teachers and classmates) who with their expressions, gestures or actions convey that "you are doing it wrong", without him understanding what he has done wrong.

We must remember that children with ADHD or ADD do not know which stimuli are relevant and which are not. It is difficult for them to keep the focus of attention on one thing, so, In most cases, it is not that they do not want to do things, but that they do not know what to do. We often forget the emotional immaturity these children have and the vulnerability they manifest.

For this, a psychoeducational intervention is good that allows them to better perceive the interaction with their environment (parents, teachers, classmates) and learn to manage the emotions that this interaction produces in them.

Understanding the emotions that flow in hyperactive children is essential to facilitate their desire for improvement. Emotions can be positive (they are stimulated by small positive gestures that they perceive in the teacher, in their parents, in their siblings, in their friends), but also They are more sensitive than other children to picking up in their close people gestures, words, tones, which convey negative emotion.

Let's give an example, Carlos is a child who is in 2nd grade and is diagnosed with ADHD of the combined type (hyperactive and impulsive).

In class the most repeated by teachers is his name: "Carlos". Carlos sits in the front row, as the experts advise, and even so, Carlos gets lost and plays with his teammates. From time to time they have told him that "if you don't attend, it's because you don't want to", because of course, he's in the front row, His agenda is full of notes from teachers because he does not bring homework or does not write it down on the agenda.

Also at home the same thing happens: "you take care of what you want, because to play with the tablet, do not get lost" or "again you have forgotten the notebook, if you know that you always have to bring it", or "do not get up, I've told you 10 times. "

In general, they spend the day listening to a negative speech about them, and that affects their concept of themselves, their self-esteem and their behavior. Many times they feel misunderstood, this associated with school problems, makes these children emotionally fragile.

Not to mention how they live the condition of ADHD, of not being able to stop even if they want to, of not being able to attend even if they want to or of not remembering things even if they try.

So in general, we can say that it is not easy to live being ADHD or ADD. It is essential to understand the problem to be able to offer the child the necessary help both at home and at school and remove that label that many times are put of "I don't I am capable".

It is not only knowing about ADHD, but understand the child with ADHD or ADD and put ourselves in their place. How would I feel if I were him?

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