The dangers of fashionable homemade dough among children

The dangers of fashionable homemade dough among children

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DeeJay gave his mother a list of ingredients I needed to make slime or flubber, the sensory mass in fashion at school. All her friends had done one. It was very easy to do: I just needed to follow a tutorial video that circulates on YouTube.

Rebekha D'Stepahno, mother of the little girl, looked for what she needed in the stores of Manchester and the girl got down to work. But then his nightmare began. His hands began to burn and blistered. And that was just the beginning.

The dangers of making sensory dough with certain ingredients are obvious. That's how little DeeJay's hands were left as soon as she touched the borax. Rebekha immediately shared it on her Facebook wall to warn all parents. About the image, this message:

'My little girl has been making YouTube slime (slime), they call it 'unicorn slime' or 'tie'. Baba, crazy names, all with very pretty and rare colors. I went and bought DeeJay all the ingredients and let him do it. Three weeks later we may have had to do plastic surgery on his hands in a burn department at the hospital. She started with blisters, then her hands peeled and now have chemical burns (second and third degree). Don't let him do this! These warnings are not on YouTube channels. She is dying of pain but despite everything she is being a warrior '.

Both the message and the photographs of how DeeJay's hands were left are truly alarming. The problem, according to this mother, is that in many channels they explain how to make sensory mass or 'elephant mucus' with borax without warning of the high abrasive and allergenic component it contains for children.

Borax, a basic ingredient in many of the video tutorials to make sensory mass, causes irritation of the skin and eyes and its ingestion can cause kidney, respiratory and liver problems. And worst of all, you don't need to ingest in large quantities. One teaspoon is enough for a small child. In fact, accidental ingestion of borax can be fatal.

Borax or sodium borate is present in many detergents, disinfectants, fertilizers, antiseptics and pesticides, but it can also be purchased as a separate active ingredient.

exist other safer and less dangerous ways of making flubber or sensory dough. No need to resort to borax, although this ingredient makes the sensory mass more elastic and easier to make.

To avoid unnecessary problems and risks, simply:

- Substitute liquid hand soap for borax and a little transparent glue if we also want to add glitter or small colored stars.

- For his part, the coloring it can be alimentary.

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