Techniques for teaching children to speak softly

Techniques for teaching children to speak softly

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There is no father who does not despair of constantly hearing the cries of his children. They are really exhausting and subject us to an extra stress that usually makes the little patience we have after a long day disappear.

It also seems that no matter how much we tell them, they do not understand it, and it is inevitable that many times we also end up screaming to ask for a bit of silence, which is totally absurd.

Keep in mind that children scream because they hear us scream, even if not in the same situations. In some countries such as Holland or Germany the tone of voice is very low and children are barely heard when they play or speak; so we will have to assume that this is part of the problem.

But This problem is exacerbated when the child perceives that raising the tone of voice provokes a quick and effective response in his parents. It is a way of getting our attention, and if we, whether to get angry or not, respond to that stimulus, we are reinforcing this action.

Children have plenty of energy and constantly have feelings of euphoria, so it is normal for there to be yelling for any reason: joy, games, anger, excitement or asking for something.

What can we do so they don't yell? Here are some techniques to teach children to speak softly. The trick is to be persistent and not despair in the attempt, you will see how they end up learning it.

1- Talk to him softly. You have to try to keep a low tone of voice constantly since setting an example is the best way for you to learn. When they are the ones who yell, the trick is to speak to him quieter than normal so that he has to lower his voice to be able to hear what you say and calm down.

2- Ignore him when he yells. Although it seems a bit absurd, it is a trick that works very well. Tell him that since he screams so much you cannot understand him, until he speaks to you softly and slowly you will not be able to pay attention to him, and carry it out in the subsequent times, you will see how the next time he will lower the tone so that you pay attention to him.

3- Practice speaking in a low voice. Although it seems simple to us, the truth is that children have a hard time speaking quietly. Every night before going to bed, practice speaking softly like a game, whoever raises their voice loses their turn.

4- If you have several children and they all shout to explain something to you, we only pay attention to the one who does not scream or to the one who is silent, and we always explain why we serve him first.

5- Practice relaxation techniques. This is good for kids and parents alike, when things are hot. Standing in the middle of the discussion and taking a few breaths until we are all calm allows us to face problems from another point of view.

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