Games in English for children to learn a second language

Games in English for children to learn a second language

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One of the best activities when it comes to enhancing memory that we have are the educational cards (intelligence bits) created in 1964 by Dr. Glenn Doman, whose purpose was to get children to learn to read faster. This methodology has remained for 50 years being one of the pillars in the education of children.

They are fantastic to teach english to children in a fun way that seems like a game to them. But there are more games and ways to teach children English. Here are some examples.

1. Educational cards: The educational cards are a series of cards where we find a drawing or a photo, an object, an action ... and we use it to teach the child vocabulary, children learn by relationship, which allows the child to observe the object focusing on it and at the same time we will enhance the learning by repeating the word in English and making related gestures.

On the internet we can find a large number of files to download with all the reasons that we can imagine, the parts of the body, food, colors, animals ... We must divide the weeks by themes and be very constant, if we do it well and entertaining , for the child it will become a game and a fun routine.

2. Activities and visual and intriguing games: People concentrate and analyze better when we do an activity that amuses us, it is the reason why children learn through play. We must find games that the child likes and that he feels totally involved in the game.

If we are learning fruits in English, we can first collect a large number of fruits and play with them while repeating their names and colors over and over again, we must also maintain the suspense, telling them that at the end of the activity we are going to do something that is not expected, so we get children to be more focused and intrigued in the game Once we have played with the fruits and they are able to repeat their names, we can make a juice with them with the fruits they choose, this will ensure that until the last moment the children have managed to maintain all their concentration and help them to store more vocabulary in your brain.

3. Hide things: It is a great activity that children love, we simply have to hide a toy in the house, depending on the age, we will leave it more or less in view, we will choose the toy according to what we are working on that week, so for example if we are with the means of transport, we can hide a stroller, and throughout the game we will repeat "look for the car" changing the phrases, at that moment the child will be focused and fun, which increases his concentration on everything living, to achieve his end.

In this activity we are working on many parts of the child in addition to memory, when we are small, we do not have an order when organizing ourselves, the child will search in a random way without following logical guidelines, with hiding the child develops his cognitive system . In addition, the memory the more we play with it, each time it will try to remember more where it has looked before, to achieve its goal by finding the toy as soon as possible. This development in the memory that will go little by little, will facilitate the learning of English as a second language.

4. The songs in English: They are one of the basic games when it comes to expanding the child's vocabulary. Each song that we work on must have its own dance, or invent it ourselves depending on what we are working on, the songs make the child use the repetition of the song to work on memory but also when relating it to the dance, memorization will be stronger and permanent.

5. Mathematical games: They are essential when we are working on the memory of the child, and we can find them for children from 2 years of age. The game they like the most is a simple bingo with the numbers in English.

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