Grape, a fruit that can be deadly for a child

Grape, a fruit that can be deadly for a child

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That fruit is very healthy, there is hardly any need to say it, all parents are aware of the nutrients they provide to children, and how important it is to introduce them into their diet daily.

However, not all fruits are suitable for children according to their age because they can be subject to allergies, nor can we let them eat them unattended or without cutting them into pieces. This is the case of grapes, a fruit that can be fatal to a child if it is lodged in the throat as it can cause suffocation. This is precisely what a mother alerts us to after having lived a terrifying experience with her son.

This x-ray shows an object lodged in a child's throat ... it's a grape! This shocking image was shared by Australian blogger Angela Henderson from her Facebook page Finlee and Me. Along with the image, this message:

"Attention parents! Do you know what this X-ray is about? A grape! A grape that got lodged in the upper part of the airways of a boy who is now 5 years old. This sweet soul had to be operated under general anesthesia to to be able to extract the grapes. He is very lucky because part of his airway was open, otherwise it could have ended badly. Please be aware that not all children chew their food, they are in a hurry to school to go to recess , etc. Please be careful, if you have a question you just have to cut the damn grapes, tomatoes, etc. I am grateful to the pediatrician who shared this image and even more grateful to the mother who gave her consent for this to be shared in order to raise awareness in our community. "

Unfortunately it is not alarmist news, but information that tries to raise awareness. If you are one of those who think that they are exaggerations, I challenge you to do a Google search to see how many children and even adults were the protagonists of the news by choking on a grape.

And it is that, it has the size of the glottis so it can be lodged in the upper airways preventing breathing. In many cases a simple cough can expel it, in others, the situation will become more complicated and can even cause death. Remember that the texture of the grape is slippery and can easily get lodged in the throat.

To avoid this, you only have to do two simple operations: cut the fruit and never leave a child eating alone.

Many parents have experienced episodes in which the baby or child chokes on a piece of food, they are distressing moments that seem to never end. It is important that we are prepared to avoid that some food, such as a grape, can be fatal to our child.

- If it's a baby: the experts recommend us to put the baby on his stomach, when we have him well supported, we have to hit his back, just between the shoulder blades. In case he cannot breathe, you should start CPR resuscitation while you notify the emergency services.

- If it is a boy: we must perform the Heimlich maneuver, in which we will hug the child from behind, squeezing one into a fist and holding the other so that it covers it. We will rest the fist on the abdomen and we will press towards the center of the stomach, above the navel and below the last rib. This will cause the trapped object to be ejected.

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