Medical consultation of a child with enuresis

Medical consultation of a child with enuresis

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One of the doubts many families with children affected by enuresis have is how long they can wait to see a specialist. In fact, the older the child, the greater the concern of the parents, and therefore the greater the emotional barriers to be able to deal with the subject as a family, and even more so with the pediatrician.

What is the best time for a family to take their child with enuresis to a specialist? Only the doctor is able to help the family as well as the child who suffers from this problem.

It is a situation that is very embarrassing for the family, which means that they cannot find a place to go to the consultation, especially when the child is present. The best thing to do is to talk to the child first, and once a joint decision is made, go to the pediatrician who will help them solve the problem. You have to give it the importance it deserves.

When to see the specialist:

- When enuresis is negatively influencing the child, his behavior, sleep, relationship with family and friends, etc.

- When the child, after a period of urine control, begins to wet the bed again (secondary enuresis).

- When the child presents itching when urinating. It may be a urine infection.

- When the child has significant constipation that may be affecting enuresis.

At the first medical visit, the doctor:

1. You will want to know the day and night habits of your child's going to the bathroom.

2. Do a physical exam and probably a urine test called a urinalysis.

3. Considering that the majority of children who wet the bed are healthy, your doctor will also check you for urinary tract and bladder problems.

4. Ask how things are at home and at school for the child.

5. Ask about family life as treatment may depend on changes in living at home.

In summary, the doctor will look for possible causes of enuresis in the habits and in the child's life.

It is important that all the treatment that the child receives from a specialist will only be effective if the child has the support, understanding and patience of the parents. Can't forget that:

1. Nocturnal enuresis is common in young children.

2. Each child is unique and develops bladder control at their own pace.

3. The child who has difficulty controlling the bladder during the day and at night after 6 years of age, should be taken to a specialist. You should also see a specialist if, after a completely 'dry' period of 6 months, enuresis suddenly appears.

4. Do not forget to continue practicing the routine of going to the bathroom, getting up, before leaving the house, going to bed, etc.

5. Do not punish the child who cannot control the bladder. By punishing him you will be humiliating him and making the situation worse. No treatment will be effective in those cases.

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