The most popular names in Colombia for boys

The most popular names in Colombia for boys

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It is not always easy to choose a baby's name. Sometimes parents rely more on family tradition than in your own tastes, but always try to find a name according to your child. In any case, a good solution to please relatives as well as yourself is to choose a compound name for the child.

In Colombia we find quite a few compound names in the list of frequent names for children, which enables the baby to prefer one or the other in the future. The most popular names in Colombia they respond to the taste for tradition and simplicity, with which they turn out to be familiar names well known to all.

1. Juan Carlos. Juan's Hebrew origin joins Carlos's Germanic origin to form one of the most popular compound names in the Hispanic world. Carlos's implicit meaning as "strong man" is reinforced by Juan's familiarity in a name that may be perfect for your son.

2. Andrés Felipe. Both names have a Greek origin that does nothing but evoke a certain dignity for a compound name that occupies the first positions of the list of frequent names in Colombia. The personality of the two names also makes them work perfectly separately.

3. Carlos Alberto. This compound name has a Germanic origin and the combination of its meanings speaks of strength and nobility, something that is easily transferred to the personality of your baby. That is why it is not surprising that it has become one of the most popular boy names in Colombia.

4. Alexander. The name has a Greek origin and is one of the most popular in the world. Although Colombian families prefer this English variant of the classic Alejandro, it continues to be a familiar and close name that has not lost forcefulness or originality despite its use.

5. Carlos Andrés. The Germanic origin of Carlos joins the Greek origin of Andrés to form one of the most eloquent compound names. Both names combine perfectly with other traditional and frequent names giving a lot of play when naming the baby.

6. Diego Fernando. This compound name joins the Hebrew origin of Diego with the Germanic origin of Fernando, forming a name with aristocratic overtones. It is not strange that it is on the list of frequent names in Colombia because it is a name that has an important historical endorsement to provide nobility and distinction.

7. Juan David. We have a Hebrew origin for this compound name full of biblical connotations. Both Juan and David can define themselves, but when they go together they manage to further reinforce the beauty of this name that is perfectly suited to any child.

8. Sebastian. It is a name of Greek origin that, due to its meaning, inspires trust and respect. It is one of those names that are impossible to wear out by use because they always maintain a touch of freshness and originality.

9. Santiago. The Hebrew origin of this name and the biblical tradition to which it belongs have managed to elevate Santiago to the top of the list of frequent names in Colombia. It is not strange, since it is a name that combines personality with simplicity.

10. Juan Camilo. The Hebrew origin of John is combined with the Etruscan origin of Camilo forming a compound name that combines tradition and familiarity with the mystery of Etruscan culture. It is a name that conveys great confidence, ideal for your child.

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