The emergency call of a 4-year-old boy saves his mother's life

The emergency call of a 4-year-old boy saves his mother's life

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We spent the day talking about the dangers of leaving the cell phone to children at an early age. And yet the mobile can also be very useful for cases like this.

A little 4 yearsAlerted to his mother's fainting spell, he decided to pick up the mobile phone and call 911. This is the recording of the call, collected by the London Metropolitan Police.

Little Roman, only four years old, notices that her mother does not answer, that she does not open her eyes ... and decides to ask for help. He looks for his mother's smartphone. Is blocked. But he knows that his mother always unlocks him by putting her finger on it, so he uses his mother's finger to unlock it. Then 'Siri', the famous Apple assistant asks 'How can I help you?'. The little one answers and Siri calls 911. The little one is very scared. This is the recording of the conversation with the person who answers Roman's call:

Police: Hello, cop. What is your emergency?

Roman: Hi, I'm Roman.

Police: Okay. Where's your mother?

Roman: He's at home.

Police: And where are you?

Roman: At home as well.

Police: Can you do me a favor? Can you go where mom is and put her on the phone?

Roman: We can not. She's dead.

Police: You said mom was there. What does it mean that she is dead?

Roman: It means that his eyes are closed and he is not breathing.

Police: Good. Do you know where you live

Roman: ... 22nd street

Police: Can you walk up to mom and move her for me?

Roman: Does not wake up.

Police: Shake it well and shout: Mom!

Roman: Mommy! ... It does not work.

Police: Are you in Kenley?

Roman: Yes ... Kenley.

Police: What is your name?

Roman: Roman.

Thus ends the conversation. Fortunately. Medical services arrived at Roman's home within 13 minutes of starting this conversation. The little boy couldn't open the door and they broke it down. They found her mother unconscious and took her to the hospital. Shortly after, she was able to return home to her son. Thanks to Roman, who was only 4 years old, he was able to receive immediate medical attention.

Roman's case is not unique. There are many cases like this: young children who managed to save the life of one of their parents thanks to a phone call to the emergency services.

Although they seem small to us, children are able to memorize an address and a telephone number. And to understand that it is a secure phone that you can ask for help.

Knowing the address and knowing a number where they can ask for help is something basic that can be very useful, either to use in case he gets lost or to help someone who needs it.

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