The real reason babies want to sleep with their parents

The real reason babies want to sleep with their parents

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Sleepless nights are one of the greatest torture that parents suffer when we have a baby. Day after day, night after night, the same situation: the baby demands us every few hours and napping becomes impossible.

Sleep and fatigue invade us and every day we have less energy. Anguish can lead us to despair and think that the baby is teasing us and that he has to learn a sleep pattern immediately. Nothing is further from reality, Babies don't know about emotional blackmail, the real reason they don't want to sleep alone is another.

After many sleepless nights, parents try to find methods, tips and tricks to get the baby to sleep through the night. We tend to move between two opposing currents: Estivil's with her "Sleep child" and Rosa Jové's, with her "Sleep without tears." Well, in front of them comes Dr. María Berrozpe who gives biological answers to the baby's sleep and clarifies many doubts.

Maria Berrozpe, is a doctor in Biology, author of "The Scientific Debate on the Reality of Childhood Sleep" and the blog Reeducando a mama. She has delved into all the literature that exists on infant sleep and has given interesting explanations for the constant awakenings of the baby, all of them biological and not emotional reasons:

- Babies wake up to suckle: Each baby needs a different waking and sleeping time, but all, and the smaller the more regularly, need to eat to survive, it is an instinct.

- Baby's insomnia is not due to wrong habits: Berrozpe affirms that not in all cultures, nor throughout history, has people slept the same or there is the same pattern, however, the baby's brain is the same in any place and time, therefore insomnia is not It must to patterns or bad habits, but to the needs of each baby.

- Letting the baby cry until he sleeps only causes them stress: Babies who wake up find themselves alone and no one comes to calm them down, find themselves in a situation of abandonment as if an adult were left alone in a dark forest.

- Babies feel vulnerable: Berrozpe explains his theory in terms of the evolution of the human being, that is, we came down from the trees, we began to walk and sleep at ground level and this made us vulnerable, which is why the custom of sleeping in groups appeared. Thus, in addition, a different architecture of sleep appeared, with light and deep phases, to be able to react to a danger.

Definitely, the baby does not cry to annoy us, the baby cries because that is how the human being is designed, it is a biological response rather than an emotional one. And the baby does not know what it is to take advantage of parents and does not understand what emotional blackmail is. It only responds to a survival mechanism of the human being.

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