To the grandparents and grandmothers. Short nursery rhymes

To the grandparents and grandmothers. Short nursery rhymes

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Poetry allows children to express their emotions, their feelings, and their thoughts. Today, poetry is considered to be a very beneficial tool for children to learn more vocabulary, exercise their memory, and improve expression and diction.

On our site we offer you short poems so that you can read aloud to your children and then they can memorize and learn. In this case, it is a poem about grandparents and grandmothers, those important people in the lives of children.

You paint your hair white,

and the bodies of wrinkles,

but there is wisdom in your years,

that produced by joy, sadness or damage.

For the happiest moments

or for those who have left scars,

for accumulated pain or mistakes made,

for having made the enemy brother

or for having lost the best friend.

Wisdom that springs up in your words,

in the form of advice or scolding,

warnings that must be taken into account

and not lightly.

Seniors, what pauses walking,

you slow down speaking,

and little by little you decrease your strength,

you also make us learn to listen.

That's why grandma and grandpa,

(yes, I mean you who read this poem

that I have written inspired by his life)

do not worry if you are running out of teeth,

You still feel the brave one that I will always admire;

Don't worry about not walking fast anymore

so we take longer to reach our destination,

and you can tell me more stories, from when you were a child,

of those better times that you remember with tears.

Don't worry if you speak slowly

that I need to listen to you for a long time,

that to live what you have lived

I don't know if life reaches me

Don't worry, you are not alone

you have many grandchildren, even if you don't know their names,

are all those who hope that from up there

let you get to that blessed Third Age.

Henry Ricardo

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