The pregnant woman with quintuplets whose babies vanished

The pregnant woman with quintuplets whose babies vanished

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Paul Servetus received the most wonderful news of his life: he was going to be a father! His girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue, 37, announced that she was pregnant ... And shortly afterwards told her that they would be ... quintuplets! At first, Paul got dizzy. Five sons! But then he assimilated it very calmly. She had always wanted to have a large family, so she began to devise how they would decorate her children's room.

The couple opened a page on Facebook to spread the news and tell everyone how they were decorating the room of the future quintuplets. Suddenly dozens of people made anonymous donations to help them.

So time passed, slowly, and Barbara began to gain weight. His gut swelled more and more ... Until one day, Paul took his wife to the hospital to give birth. She was 34 weeks old, and the chosen hospital would be the Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal (the couple was from Quebec, Canada), the hospital where Barbara said she carried out all the pregnancy monitoring.

But that day, Paul received the scariest news: his girlfriend Barbara was not going to have her quintuplets. Not four, not three, not none. I was not pregnant!

Barbara suffered a psychological pregnancy, and kept the deception until the end. In fact, the hospital had not registered any visits from Barbara in those months ... Paul, stunned, was in a state of shock. Afterwards, she evidently decided to end their relationship and went out of her way to return everything she had been given for the babies.

The people who were helping her during all that time, debate in defending her for her alleged illness and in asking for a criminal conviction. The truth is It was not the first time that this woman suffered a psychological pregnancy. She had previously faked another pregnancy with a previous boyfriend ...

Psychological pregnancy is really a disease. It makes a woman think she is pregnant and experiences the symptoms of pregnancy: bloated abdomen, morning sickness ... The mind makes her think that she really is pregnant when in fact she is not.

It is also known as phantom pregnancy, or more scientifically, pseudocyesis, and it is typical of women with an excessive obsession with being mothers. The hormones undergo a change, as it happens in real pregnancies, and the woman suffers an amenorrhea (withdrawal of the rule).

In reality, women who suffer a psychological pregnancy do not want to deceive anyone. In most cases they also feel cheated.

Between the causes that trigger it, of which there are many, are the obsessive desire to become mothers, low self-esteem, depression, infertility problems or approaching menopause.

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