How to get children to enjoy studying and be motivated

How to get children to enjoy studying and be motivated

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Children have an innate ability to want to know and learn. From a very young age they imitate their parents in their actions, because their brain is prepared to easily absorb knowledge.

So we can take advantage of this innate ability and direct it towards the enjoyment of studying. In fact, teachers speak of ages and stages throughout Primary in which children absorb with pleasure, like “sponges”, the knowledge that they are taught.

If we were to highlight one of the attitudes that can most help make this possible, it is positive reinforcement: "How well you have solved the problems!" "Great! You have managed to learn the parts of the body."

Our parental approval on itself It is one of the greatest awards that our son can receive for his achievements. Expressing our joy or our praise for the good grades, for a good learning of something that is difficult for him, for the tasks completed successfully, for the overcoming of obstacles in learning, makes him want to repeat these tasks and achievements over and over again to receive those same compliments; because children want above all to please their parents.

It is important remember that we praise your work and effort primarily, not your person, because if we say "How smart you are!" The next time he is faced with a difficult task and cannot do it, he is going to feel inferior to the expectations we put on him and can get stuck. But if we say to him: "How well you have worked!" or "How well you have tried!" over these actions he will always have full control, and can repeat them whenever he wants. In fact, highlighting your effort protects you from possible failures in the future, because in the face of frustration, we can always encourage you by highlighting all the effort you have put in. From there, it is easier to encourage him to continue.

We talk about it as something that attracts us: "Are you learning the classification of living beings?" We can ask him and we talk relating it to something we are experiencing. For example, you just had a cold, so let's talk about the group that includes viruses. We can ask him to review the sum of the purchase we have made in the supermarket or another task in which he can show us some of what he has learned, taking into account the school level in which he is.

If our child receives a failing or lower grade than expected, we can speak with him closely to encourage him to move on. We review what may have caused this result. Once detected, rather than dwelling on reproaches (for example, that he may not have studied enough) we focus on finding solutions (help you understand something, spend more time learning something, etc.). We can refer to other obstacles that he has overcome: "You have already learned the irregular verbs of English well, so you can also achieve this." We also reached joint agreements. Mainly at this point, we convey to him our confidence that he has every chance of improvement, as well as our full support to achieve it.

Finally, let us remember that each achievement or obstacle overcome and recognized by us is a message for the child that it is valid and capable. The feeling of well-being that our approval produces and your sense of capacity, are fundamental pillars that contribute to making studies a pleasant activity.

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